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Humming from brand new brakes.

markyodomarkyodo Member Posts: 1
edited October 2015 in Chrysler
I just replaced both rear brakes. All new calipers, caliper brackets, pads, and rotors. New pins were greased and installed in the bracket. Brake grease applied to both pad channels, and to the back of both pads. the rotor was cleaned with brake cleaner, lines were bled.

I took the van for a drive to get everything nice and warm and I noticed a loud humming coming from the driver side rear. The humming goes away when I apply the brakes. It also didn't start humming until I had driven for a few minutes at speed and used the brakes a few times.
I let the van sit then took it for a second drive. It repeated with the same conditions.
Longer drive, starts to hum. Apply brakes and it stops for awhile. I didn't smell anything unusual or notice anything abnormal when I pulled the wheel off.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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