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Several GMC Jimmy 4wd issues

badboyjimmybadboyjimmy Member Posts: 1
edited April 2016 in GMC
I have a 2000 gmc jimmy that has the three button push 4wd 2hi 4hi and 4lo ok it got stuck the other day in 4wd lo and I couldn't even get the lights on the button to flash like its suppose to do when it's disengaged and I wanted to know what caused that an next my 4wd clicks in and all but when I get in mud or anything where the tires spin the front isn't spinning with the rear tires and next issue is now since it got stuck and I got it back in 2 hi when I cut the jimmy off an go to crank it back when I turn the key it starts locking in 4wd an also when I'm driving down the road the light starts flashing like I tried to put it in 4wd but I didn't touch it and i just wanted some ideas before I go to replacing everything


  • barry2054barry2054 Member Posts: 1
    Hi there! I had similar symptoms on my 2005 GMC Jimmy 4 X 4. I couldn't switch between AWD or 2 Hi or 4 Hi or Lo (Lights would just flash but not lock on) and the Service 4 Wheel Drive Dash Light came on. Apparently there is a known defect in the 4 X 4 Switch Buttons right on the dash. The solder joints on the back become cold solder joints probably done by robotics. Simply replace the Switch Module cost $50.00 - $100.00 and it will all be ok! Pry the old Switch Module out and change. Takes 5 min. to replace.
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