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2001 gmc 2500hd oil consumption

64vwbug64vwbug Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in GMC
i have a 2001 gmc 2500hd 4x4 crew cab. i have the 8.1/allison combo. i have noticed that it uses alot of oil. more than a quart between oil changes. where is it going? it doesnt leak and it doesnt smoke. is this normal for this engine?


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    dustykdustyk Member Posts: 2,926
    With catalytic converters the engine has to burn a lot in order to see visible signs. That's probably why you are not seeing any blue exhaust smoke.

    You say a quart between oil changes. What mileage is that? One quart between a 7,500 mile oil change is not normally considered a lot, especially on Chevrolet engines. Even a quart every 5000 is not considered high useage.

    It would just be a guess, of course, but I would suspect that your oil consumption is due to oil getting into the combustion chamber past the valve guides.

    Good luck,
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    kg11kg11 Member Posts: 530
    Mine uses a quart evry 1500 mi.

    When it was new they said it would use less after break-in and they were right. It used a quart every 1000 for the first 10k. Now with almost 50k I have to add a quart twice between changes.

    It would be great if GM built a truck like this that WORKED!

    Two transmissions replaced (not repaired),cam position sensor,speed sensor,upholstery stitching,oil consumption and ,of coarse, the now famous GM engine knock.

    There'll be no GM products in my future
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    ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    a qt. between oil changes isnt uncommon for the chevy big blocks.
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    jaguar0027jaguar0027 Member Posts: 387
    its ridiculous.

    Whats up Ryan!
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    noobie1noobie1 Member Posts: 326
    This is not a ya, ya, I told you so. Just a point of interest.
    I remember we have the same trucks and when they were new there was a discussion about when to make the first oil change. Several were in favor of getting the brake-in oil out quickly and I think you were one of them. I mentioned then that I had talked to an old Chevy guy, a mechanic, and his recommendation of leaving it in for three thousand under the assumption it would act like a honing solution and assure that the rings seated properly. It was painful but I followed his advise. I now add a quart between changes, about every three thousand with 33K total. It's usually a little low at change, so one-plus every 3K, which is perfectly acceptable considering all these horror stories. I know this is anecdotal, but maybe the old geezer was right.
    Sorry to hear about all the troubles you've had, but at least you're getting SOME action out of your dealer which is more than I can say
    (Speaking of horror stories).
    BTW-I didn't hear about your trans problems. What was that all about?

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    kg11kg11 Member Posts: 530
    I changed to Mobil-1 at 73 mi ,then ran that for only 1k.I quit using M-1 at about 25k with 5k intervals.

    The trans developed shifting problems @ about 5k the first time. I took it to the dealer twice before they could reproduce the problem on the third visit.Since the Allison was new on the market they took the whole trans and sent it back to Allison for research.The replacement was the same right from the start so it went back too. When they installed the third one I had them "re-flash" the TCM and now it shifts fine...unless it's over 95 degrees outside,then it don't downshift when it should and the clutch-fan seems to rob half the HP.When the engine's cold it'll burn off the rear tires till I let up on the gas but when it's hot (190 trans temp) it pulls like a 6 cyl.

    I persued a lemon buy back but ended up setteling for a 6/100 warrenty
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