2009 Honda Accord Defective Piston Rings - Outside of Warranty

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I just recently learned that my car (2009 Honda Accord, 4 cyl.) was part of a recall for defective piston rings. Because of this, Honda extended the warranty to 8 years from the purchase date or 125,000 miles, whichever came first. Unfortunately I did not know about this until today, and the problem didn't appear until I had exceeded the mileage anyway. My car has unusually excessive oil consumption -- last month, after 4,000 miles of driving I had almost zero oil in my car. I've been told that since Honda won't cover me due to mileage, my only option to fix the problem is to pay $3500-4000 for an engine rebuild.

My question is whether to trade in my car and avoid dealing with having to spend money on more oil and spark plugs, or if I should just keep the car. The car is paid off, and since I'm saving for grad school, I'm hesitant to spend the money I've saved to get a different car but I don't want to keep putting money into this car if it could get much worse over time.


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    I've never heard of this.

    How much oil are you using? If it isn't that bad, I would check the oil level often and just add oil.

    It can go a long way like that.
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    i have a 2008 accord and had my piston rings replaced under warranty. Fast forward to today and I am using oil all over again like before. I suspect the replacement rings were no different than the original oem ones. Something to consider in rebuilding the motor. You may want aftermarket ones. For now don't sweat it check the oil and ad as needed. 
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