Car Seat Dangers?

berriberri Member Posts: 10,165
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Anyone see the CBS news about weak seatbacks in rear end collisions allegedly causing more child deaths than Takata airbags? Apparently, the adult upfront collapses onto the child in the backseat. It also claimed a GM engineer admitted to the issue and said it was very inexpensive to fix, but it hasn't happened, D3 or import brands. Detroit's response was the usual "it meets all federal standards". While the gov has either overlooked it or been diverted by airbags, I have to ask why the auto industry doesn't just step up and fix issues like this on their own? If true, this is very unsettling, especially because strengthening the seatbacks isn't supposed to be that expensive. Just do it and add 10 bucks to the vehicle price. I doubt many consumers would complain on an issue like this and why risk another one of those Pinto PR disasters on a fairly small dollar matter?
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