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Might as well start the discussion. I'm getting flooded by calls from attorneys to sign up and suit vw foe my 2013 passat tdi. Anyone else sign up yet? Any thoughts on picking the right attorney?


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    I don't know if it matters much at this point if you sign up or not. There's over 300 firms in on the action - at some point they'll mostly get consolidated into one or a few big class action suits in one or two courts. My guess is that anyone with a pulse and a VW will automatically become a member of the class unless they specifically opt out.

    The lawyers are probably chasing clients right now because the more they have signed up, the bigger cut they can seek as the suit progresses. Unless you are a lead plaintiff, you'll likely wind up in the same boat with the other owners, with maybe a check and maybe a coupon. The lawyers will make out like gangbusters.

    Lawyers Jostle for Lead Position in Volkswagen Diesel Suits (NY Times)
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