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The Kia Sportage's strongest attributes are amplified in the SX model with the addition of a turbocharged engine that provides the acceleration of a larger motor with little penalty to fuel economy or drivability. It also has a few exterior additions and more standard interior features.

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    Not really a fair apples to apples comparison, but my old 2002 4Runner gets similar gas mileage. I was curious when I bought it what kind of fuel economy I would get compared to my older car, so I've been keeping track of my mileage and gas purchases with a phone app. I've been beating the EPA estimates, I'm averaging a lifetime of 18.5 mpg over 22,000 miles, with numerous 20-22 tanks from long road trips. This Kia Sportage makes 77 more horsepower and 52 more lb/ft of torque than the 3.4 V6 in my Toyota, and it's definitely quicker 0-60 for sure haha - but still, the 4Runner is lifted, has larger, knobby off road tires, at 3,800lbs (4,000lbs with my fat @ss driving it) it's probably heavier, it lacks modern engine technologies like valve timing and any sort of fuel economy-enhancing features, and it's rocking a 4 speed automatic. So .5 miles per gallon is not a great improvement, especially since the Kia's engine has the advantage of a more modern design, two fewer cylinders and is 1.3 liters smaller in volume. The 4Runner came out with this V6 engine way back in 1996, and Toyota was using it in other applications even before that, so 20+ years of development, and this is it? Yes you get more power but thats not really a crazy improvement either, since a modern V6 can exceed those numbers while being mechanically simpler. I'm curious to see how many of the massive onslaught of turbo charged cars are going to be dumped on dealers when people refuse to pay insane amounts to do routine maintenance and repairs on them. But anyway sorry, long-winded rant over.
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