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Toyota Tundra: Problems & Solutions

masterpackermasterpacker Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I own a 2001 Toyota Tundra that has just over 60,000 miles. When I slow to a stop it will from time to time stall. I start the truck and it runs fine. This doesn't happen every time I slow to a stop. In fact it is like it has a mind of its own and it is impossible to predict when it will happen. It does happen several times during the week. I took it to the dealership and they could not get it to duplicate the problem. I rode with the tech for close to an hour and could not get it to duplicate. The next day it stalled twice. The check engine light does not come on. The tech said it was possible the torque converter is going bad, or it could be a vacuum leak behind the master brake cylinder, or a host of other mechanical type issues. Has anyone else had a similar problem.



  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
    Since we didn't have an active Tundra "problems" topic, I've renamed the topic to make it the primary topic for dealing with Tundra problems and fixes.

    I had a Nissan 4x4 that was stalling intermittently sort of like that. The rpms would go down and the engine would just stop running. It could happen anytime. Turned out to be the fuel filter. It had broken up and small pieces of the filter were getting into the fuel line and randomly blocking the fuel flow. Took a while before I could get the problem to duplicate for the dealer as well. Could be you're looking at something like that. Something to consider.

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  • yroyro Posts: 1
    To anyone. I own 2003 Tundra with 20kmiles now. I started noticing knocking sound while cruising. The knocking is during cruising and at a very slow acceleration between 45 to 60mph. I took it to my dealer to be look into and the mech's only answer was try different gas of grade. The owners manual clearly states 87 and I obviously didn't have this problem earlier in the purchase/ownership. My neighbor got his a month later and he doesn't any problem with his and using reg gas grade. I also have this terrible squeak in the rear portion of the truck on every bump. The mech's answer to that was a normal differential noise. Didn't have to waist 2 hours for him to tell me it's normal. I didn't bring it in because it's normal. Anyone have similar problem and any idea as what to do?
  • I have been doing a lot of research and I like the Toyota because they are supposed to have bullet-proof reliability. But I have read some troubling things about the Tundra that are:
    1.) The brakes being poor and wearing out quickly
    2.) The exhaust manifold going bad quickly
    3.) The seats are very uncomfortable
    Does anyone have any info or know where I can read up on this? Have they fixed these things for 03' or 04' model years?

    Thanks for the help!
  • My brakes have never been a problem.

    No problems with the exhaust. Never seen anyone have a problem with it either.

    The seats (front) are extremely comfortable, the rear seats are tolerable (average).
  • What year is your Tundra? And do you have the regular front seats or the capt chairs?

    Thanks for the info.
  • Mine is a 2002 and I have the captain chairs.

    However, my first Tundra was a 2000 regular cab with the bench seat, and it was very comfortable as well.
  • I own a 2001 Toyota Tundra and the transmission failed at 65,000 miles. This was especially disturbing since this truck has done little work except for pulling a 16 foot fishing boat. Most the miles were highway miles. I was planning on owning this truck beyond my 3 year payment schedule and was driving it accordingly. Toyota did authorize replacement of the transmission even though the warranty ended at 60,000 miles but I still had about $850 out-of pocket and 16 days lost use of the vehicle due to poor service from the dealerships located in Central Wisconsin. I’ve owned 4 Toyotas but this will probably be my last and I WILL NOT deal with the dealerships in this area again.
  • cannocanno Posts: 1
    I have 2003 Tundra Limited Step side that has 1,500 miles on it. At about 800 miles it started squeaking, it sounds like its coming from the rear but I'm really not sure. It's going into Toyota on Monday 11/10/03 to be checked out. Has anybody else had bad squeaks or any suggestions before I get to the Dealer ? Also I have looked and looked for a soft cover for the Bed. I have checked with several manufactures like extang but they all say that the drop of the back rail is the problem with making a cover for the truck.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    In the four years we've own our Avalon and been to the dealer for service, I have seen two Tundra's have their transmissions replaced. On one it failed at 40,000 miles.

  • In response to yro message. I own a 2001 Tundra with 38,000 miles and I have used regular unleaded gas since I bought it and now I have been noticing some light knocking at low speeds (up to 45 mph). At higher speeds I do not notice it. Was going to call Toyota but will probably get the response you did; use a higher grade of gas. I will change grades of gas to see if it stops it. Also that rear squeaking noise I had checked and the Toyota service guy where I bring my truck for service said it was nothing. I have not noticed it lately. I will post another message if I find anything else different than changing gas for the knocking noise from my dealership.
  • mos55mos55 Posts: 1
    I have a 01 tundra with 43k. I have developed a vibration at speeds above 35 miles per hour. Have new Goodyear Eagle tires. The vibration seems to only be in the left front. Have had tires checked for balance-out-of-round, rotated, wheels checked for out-of-round! Have had another person say he has the same problem but above 60 miles hour. Anyone have this problem? (Dealer has no clue, but will be glad to look @$70.00 hr.
  • I am addressing the problem with the vibration.If you don't have Factory tires this Problem can exist.I also know that you will get a clicking or clanging noise at times that is the ABS Actuater.This sounds like its coming from the rear, and is normal. This is normally heard after starting the Truck and when you first get over 6 mph. This noise may sound different to different people.I will talk about not using Factory installed Tires later.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    If you just got new tires and you did not experience this vibration problem before, most likely you have a bad tire or even more likely they balanced them wrong. And balanced them wrong second time and third time around. I would not believe that this is possible, but I have experienced this myself with my Nissan pickup where the only problem was systematic incompetence of the people balancing the tires. Try somebody else - also some Toyota wheels require special flange adaptors to balance properly.

    There can obviously be other sources of vibration - but tires are always the prime suspect. Quality of many tires nowadays is questionable, and this is why I stick with Michelins. I got 78K troublefree miles (after I finally found a place that balanced them properly) out of a set of Michelin LTX M/S on my Nissan 4X4.
  • Hello All:
      I have a 2003 3.4, V6, 4x4, 5 speed. While traveling at highway speeds, if I have to brake hard the RPM's are delayed for up to 1.5 seconds before the idle starts to drop. This occurs with and without cruise control being on.
      I'd like to also note that my last truck was a T-100 with the 3.4 V6 engine - so I am very familiar with how this engine should respond.
      Dealer claims this a computer problem and Toyota has not issued a TSB yet. Dealer also claims that this feature was added to reduce jerky feeling when shifting gears. (Heaven forbid people with Manual transmissions learn how to shift).
      The problem is a serious safety issue. When traveling at highway speeds, in an emergency, you can't afford to loose 1.5 secords of braking time.
      Additionally there is the added wear on your front disk brake pads due to the engine trying to maintain RPM while brakes are trying to stop the truck.
      If anyone has noticed this problem please notify your dealer and this list. To check your truck, next time you're cruising at 55 or 65 mph, note the RPM - then if you have to brake hard try to note if the RPM drops immediately or, hangs up for a second or two. Another way to check this is, while parked, race engine to 2500-3000 RPM then switch foot from gas to brake pedal as fast as possible. Note the RPM and engine sound. You will find the engine still maintaining that 2500-3000 RPM.
      Also, Dealer pointed out that unless there are more complaints, Toyota 'will not' do anything about this problem.

    If you'd like to respond directly, contact me at

    Thanks to all

  • I recently had a T-100 that developed problems with GoodYear Tires - everything was checked, even tires were replaced but did not cure the problem. Interestingly enough - the only thing htat had changed was the TIRES!! My advice - Get GoodYear involved...Hope this helps

  • #7 of 17 by tundradude Nov 04, 2003 (8:54 pm)
    Mine is a 2002 and I have the captain chairs.

    Have you tried adjusting the seat bottoms to a different position? Also recheck seat back position...this can make a world of difference in comfort...

  • I owned a T-100 with the 3.4 V6 engine. Periodically (once a month), I filled up with Premium gas (91+ octane)... Never had a knock problem....also keeps injectors clean...Try a couple of tanks and see if that helps......

  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    My '95 Tacoma didn't do well with the 87 octane fuel the owners manual recomended. I ran it on 89 most of the time.It pinged a little on 87 and had noticably less power when towing 4500 lb.
  • We have a 2000 Tundra that vibrates when you brake going down a hill. Still under warranty. Took it to the dealership & told them the rotors needed turning. They said the brakes would need cleaning also. We have heard them tell other people this & charge them quite a bit for it. My husband asked them if their was a warranty on it, since they would get dirty again the minute we drove off & applied the brakes. Has anyone heard of it being necessary to "clean the brakes"? Sounds like a scam to us.
  • Anyone know how much weight to add for winter driving to make a difference? I have a 2003 Tundra.
  • I never understood the extra weight in the winter idea. I tried it with my 2wd ranger, and it just seemed to make it harder to stop. What helped more than anything was tossing the weight and getting really good snow tires.
  • I have 03 Tundra Limited. When I open the windows less then half, they do make noises. And when I hit a pot hole or when the road is not evenly, the noise is getting louder (very loud). But when I open the windows more than half, they don't make any noise at all. Service manager told me it was normal for Tundra. Does anybody having the same problem please advice. Thanks in advance.
  • Could anyone tell me what it would cost to add Limited Slip to my 2003 Toyota Tundra 4X4 Off Road with 4.7 V/8 Automatic Trans.
  • I bought new Toyota Tundra 2 years ago that now has 19,700 mi. which developed a vibration within the last two months. Most pronounced around 52 MPH. Have have tires rotated and balanced by the dealer and an independent reputable company in town. They check out OK. The dealer told me this is chacteristic of the Tundra and to just and drive and forget! NO WAY!! After returning for the 3rd time, they decided it might be the drive shaft and "tried to balance it." Still no luck. Any suggestions as to what this might be. I noticed a few others are experincing similar problems. The tires are original and have been rotated and balanced about every 7,500 mi.
  • edgexedgex Posts: 6
    I've read over at the tundra solutions board that the rear brakes give alot of vibration headaches if they don't get seated properly. Maybe this is your is something to look into? Or go to the board and post there. I've gotten alot of good info not only from here, but there as well.
  • abby18abby18 Posts: 2
    If you turn my Tundra engine off and exit the vehicle with the headlights still on, there is no aural warning to turn them off. Is there a fuse for that ciruit? Could the noise maker itself be bad? I would appreciate any advice on how to troubleshoot this problem.
  • ageylingageyling Posts: 16
    Is anyone familiar with the spark plugs on the V8 Tundra Engine? I believe it is the 2UV-FE Engine. I have a 2003 and the manual says there are spark plugs but when I look at the engine, where the spark plugs should be there are flat rectangular black caps. The caps have a bolt holding them down adn there is a four pin connector attached. Following this wire to the harness, I find that the other 7 similar caps lead to the same harness and the harness goes in a large black cover on the front of the drivers side valve cover. So I assume these rectangular caps are the spark plug covers and the black cover on the front of the valve cover is the distributor, but this leaves me with one issue. Why four wires leading to the spark plug and why are they so small? Normally spark plug cables are much thicker due to the high voltage.
  • ageylingageyling Posts: 16
    Found an answer somewhere else for a 2000 Tundra. I assume it is the same.

    They are located under each coil boot...Instead of one ignition coil like in older vehicles...each spark plug has its own coil boot.
  • campoutcampout Posts: 22
    Hello to everyone on the list. Just a quick question regarding the above mentioned. The truck has 9k miles on it, and it doesn't look like it's even been driven! I currently own a 97' RC Ford F-150 4X4. This truck is a four wheel drive an SR5 model. The dealer is asking 20,700, but I was thinking of an offer of 19,500. To any owners of this model out there has this vehicle been reliable? What am I saying, all Toyota's are reliable! My F-150 has been a good truck, but my wife and I just don't need that big of a truck anymore. The Tundra would be a good fit, plus the advantage of an eight foot box. Any responses welcome, thanking in advance.
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