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Saturn ION Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited March 2014 in Saturn
Share your Ion purchase experience here.

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  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    That's the Saturn thing. I bought an ION 2 with automatic last spring. I paid MSRP (of course) less a $1000 GM owner loyalty rebate and got 0% APR for 60 months. The buying experience was great--that's another thing Saturn is known for. No complaints with the car, the buying experience, or the 2 subsequent trips to the service department.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    I think Saturn is giving $2500 off MSRP on remaining 2003 model IONs right now.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    i believe til oct 31 you may still use 1000 dollars from your GM card as well.
  • My purchase : I bought a 2003 ION2 AT silver loaded with options for $2,700 under MSRP with 0% GMAC financing (60 mths). The incentives available to me at the time totalled $2,500. I thought I did pretty well for a first-time car buyer, but after reading these boards and those at SaturnFans, I am beginning to think that my husband should buy a 2004 ION just so I can get another crack at haggling down car prices. My fear that I was too easy for the dealer was confirmed when my salesman sent me a thank-you card and called me a couple weeks later to see how I was doing. ;)

    Market adjustments : I just wanted to let you know that when Saturn say they have a "no-haggle policy", it doesn't mean that they won't drop the price in order to move a car off the lot. When I bought my 2003 ION in July of this year, the finance manager gave me a discount of $700 without much effort. [The only car they had close to my desired configuration had more options than I was willing to pay for.] I would imagine that with the surplus of 2004 IONs, the dealers would be just as willing to give market adjustments. But I'm not sure - this was my first car purchase after all. :)
  • I was thinking about getting A Saturn considering their current 2500 rebate offer but had a question about their No-Haggle pricing: I stopped by the Lot and was surprised (LOL, should I be, they are a car dealer!) to see $1000 Mark-up for the typical "Fabric Protection, tinting, etc." and was wondering if THIS padding was negotiable or if the No-Haggle applies to that as well. Thanks.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    When I bought my ION last year, they did not have these. When I was there last month for service, I noticed a bunch of these stickers. I would tell them I'm not paying it and leave. They are added profit and I'm sure they will not let you walk off the lot if you really want to buy an ION. Good luck!
  • I thought they might have added these additional mark-ups to offset the Big rebate. This was the first time I ever looked at the No-haggle Saturns and was surprised by this additional sticker which is usually reserved for haggling at other dealers. Thank you.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Keep us informed on the Saturn ION thread about how it's going.
  • gweilogweilo Posts: 118
    $2500 rebate? Is this regional?
  • Yes, Saturn does try to practice the no haggle pricing, but the big "gotcha" is when they pack the car with dealer added accessories like tinted windows, dub wheels, and other stuff you may not want. The only way around this dealer nonsense is to order a car that's not on the floor and make them promise in writing they will not pack the car before delivery.

    I've seen Ions jacked up nearly $6000 with this overpriced junk. Anyone wanna bet the Redlines will not only have no rebate but be packed with any and every possible extra???

    Also keep in mind Saturn is no longer its own enitity, but is now just another GM division. How long they can resist the usual showroom garbage remains an unanswered question.
  • the $2500 is only for cash buying, it should be at all dealers. If you want there is a 0% (yeah right) and $1500 bonus cash offer as well. I think it goes until the end of the month (2/29)
  • legalseclegalsec Posts: 31

    I have seen a lot of remarks regarding the 0% APR, that is, people seem to guffaw as if its existence is as likely as a unicorn's.

    Is my perception right? If so, why is that? I got 0% APR when I bought my ION2 last July; however, I probably had a number of things working in my favor.

    Just wondering what the fuss is about.
  • beaunedocbeaunedoc Posts: 15
    I'm going out to check one out soon. Has anyone else driven one yet? beaunedoc
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    I received 0% APR on my ION purchased last year as well.
  • joew44joew44 Posts: 2
    I just purchased an Ion 2 with the 3000 regular rebate and an additional 2000 in "flex cash" vouchers.

    Each "flex cash" voucher is worth $250.00

    You have to ask the dealer about this. It isn't advertised.

    It kind of gets away from the traditional Saturn policy of everyone paying the same price, but it was what it took to get us to buy now.

    The idea from talking with 4 dealers before I finally found the car/color/options I wanted was that this was to move inventory before the 05's come out.

    In the San Diego area some dealers have lists of cars that have been on the lot a long time and they want to sell quickly. These cars they will give the full $2000 flex cash in addition to regular $3000 rebate.

    We got a 15,580 MSRP car for 10,580 plus tax and fees. And the dealer we went to Kearny Mesa Saturn gave us a good price on our trade in.

    Been driving the Ion 2 for 2 days and love the car.
  • legalseclegalsec Posts: 31
    This sounds like useful information. Thank you.
  • airbossairboss Posts: 17

    I am buying my daughter a 2004 Ion Quad Coupe, $18,820 MSRP. The dealer offered me a fair price for my trade, plus $1000 in 'flex cash' (they told me they were $500 vouchers, and they were giving me the max, two), plus $3000 in lieu of financing.

    I fax'd them a copy of your posting, they called me right back and said 'since you know the secret' we'll give you $2000 in flex cash vouchers!"

    So, you saved me $1000. Thanks again!


    PS. This was at Saturn of Indianapolis. I guess I could be peeved that they didn't give me their best price out of the box, but hey, that's the car game. It DOES PAY to be informed!
  • joew44joew44 Posts: 2
    I'm glad the info was helpful. I heard about the flex cash first in an ad in the LA Times from Saturn of Cerritos. They mentioned the 3000 rebate plus 2000 off on Flex Cash. I tried to reserach "flex cash" on the internet. Couldn't find much.

    Then I checked with several local dealers sales managers and received good information.

    The Saturn "ideal" was that everyone would pay the same price for the same car. But in todays world that isn't realistic, especially with the high MSRP.

    I would not have purchased my Saturn at 15,500. I might have at 12,500 but I might have waited for the 2005 models since I wasn't in a hurry to buy. Once the price dropped on the car I wanted (the right color, right options, etc) to 10,500.... That gave me a reason to buy NOW.

    And that's the way the market works. Price matters. Some buyers are very informed and pay less. Other buyers just wander into a dealership and pay more.

    The bottom line for Saturn is that the ION hasn't been selling as well as expected and they had too many of the 2004 in the pipeline. They had to move 2004 IONs that had been on the lot too long. Lowering the price is the way to do it.

    I've put on 650 miles on my Saturn and love it. Especially the gas mileage with actual San Diego urban usage 29mph.
  • Anybody could explain how "flex cash" works? Is that cash rebate or some gift cards that can be used to purchase in some specified stores?

  • brett65brett65 Posts: 4
    I had worked out a deal at the Saturn dealership at the end of July and was all set to get the 3000.00 rebate plus the 2000.00 flex voucher. On Monday August 2nd, I went in to sign the papers and pick up my ION2...but was suddenly informed that the flex vouchers had run out. I was told previously they were good through August 2nd. The salesperson thought I would still buy the car for 2000.00 way. I have always been happy with my previous Saturn experience...but not after this was pulled on me. I won't go back. I sent an e-mail to corporate and was told they were sorry, and thanks for being a Saturn customer. Things are definitely changing at Saturn.
  • airbossairboss Posts: 17
    According to the finance guy where I bought, they had a limited number, good for a limited time. Sounds like they either ran out or the time expired. Interesting they wouldn't have found some way to make it up to you.
  • I want to know that too. What is flex cash voucher? Neither of the dealers I'm negotiating with has any idea what the flex cash is.
  • I was looking at buying a 2004 Ion Redline. The sticker was $22300 or so. It had a sunroof, 6 disc and the advanced audio system. The retailer would include all the "extras" free. The extras were tint, Saturn protection (basically a wax, fabric protection and rust proofing) along with Vin etching. These were tacked on at over $1100. The retailer offered $5000 off sticker. No a bad deal. I know $3K rebate and $2K flex cash. The flex cash was explained to me as $250 vouchers from Saturn that are given to dealers in exchange for taking "extra" cars. I actually passed on the deal. The quality of the interior didn't impress me. I have owned 3 Saturns (94 SL2, 96 SC2 classic and 97 SC2) and feel the old ones were just built better. It's sad to see Saturn wheeling and dealing like all other makes. The power didn't seem too great compared to my current car 03 Toyota Matrix XRS.
  • I was in the process of helping my daughter select a car and find the right price. We were looking at the ION QC 3 and thinking about getting one considering the 3000.00 discount. After reading this message board and finding out about flex cash we decided to get the Saturn. The dealer said we threw him a curv. Did`nt know GM had made it public. I told him buyers have there secrets to! GOOD JOB! Thanks for the info!
  • sat24sat24 Posts: 2
    Thanks to all who posted messages about flex cash vouchers. I just bought an Ion 2 with power package today. I purchased with a 3% market adjustment, $3750 rebate, and $1000 in flex cash.
  • mich04mich04 Posts: 1
    I just read prior posting regarding to flex cash
    vouchers.I'm on market to buy ion red line.
    Could you guys explain a little bit more how do you get flex cash vouchers?
    Do I have to ask the dealer if he willing give to me?Or I need to get it someplace else?
    Your help will be appreciated
  • sat24sat24 Posts: 2
    Dealers earn flex cash certificates in $250 amounts. They receive them for taking extra inventory etc.. You have to ask about them in most cases. I contacted three dealerships before I found one with them. I hope this helps.
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    after reading here, but I was shocked this weekend - picked up my new black Ion Redline, got the $3750 factory "down payment assistance" (not rebate, as they pointed out), plus $500 in flex cash on the car as a "marketing adjustment", plus another $250 when I balked at the service contract...75,000 factory extended warranty for $500...not bad.
  • There is no "gotcha" simply request that those are items that you do no want. You really need to drop this whole conspirecy thing. Also the Saturn Redline has all the same rebates as the rest of the Ion line up. Saturn has always been GM and while remain the same. Also you need to remember that one mans junks is another treasure. Let me know when you actually know what you are talking about...
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Let's stay on topic of Prices Paid & Buying Experiences.


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