Cadillac SRX Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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Please share your SRX purchase experience here.

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  • nevadagamenevadagame Member Posts: 9
    List price was 56,100. I paid 54,600. 1500 under list (msrp) That probably isn't the best deal in town, but I got the very first one in Denver, got it in Sept. I love the way this car drives and feels mm
  • hootch1hootch1 Member Posts: 12
    deal which works out to be about invoice. Also recieved about $1,000-$1,500 higher on my trade than what may have been reasonable.

    The service and experience were very solid.
  • dnomyar1dnomyar1 Member Posts: 4
    I have a deal with a local Cadillac dealer. This SRX. V6 Reline/Gray is equipped with the luxury package, lumbar, sunroof, rear entertainment DVD. List: $47,975; Purchase $44,779 plus $100. dealer fee, tags & State tax.

    My test drive revealed a rough ride from at least one wheel which the dealer says has been corrected via wheel balancing. A visit to KBB's/ Edmunds' sites revealed a safety bulletin concerning some 15,000 SRX's that may have front seats not tightened properly. My dealer assured me that they had checked all of their vehicles and that the fix was to check and tighten any loose bolts.

    We began studying this vehicle will before production. I have already identified two issues of concern and am now wondering whether to make the purchase.

    Anyone else aware of the safety bulletin(s) or other concerns with this vehicle?

  • hootch1hootch1 Member Posts: 12
    long trip in our SRX will be next week. I've onle been to 80 for short distances (less than 10 miles) and have had no problem wth any vibration. The ride is smooth. I try to drive 70-75 on most local highways but notice that it easily creeps to 80. No exertion on the engine and no road vibration make it hard to notice.

    Can't speak to the front seats. It seems silly to sell a car with loose seats if there is a safety bulletin on it.
  • dnomyar1dnomyar1 Member Posts: 4
    Just when we were ready to make our purchase we checked Edmunds for SRX service bulletins. Edmunds has reported 18 on the site as of Dec.20, 2003 in addition to the recall for "seats". Not sure how serious to take these in total. Can someone out there analize and give an opinion?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    check any auto out and they will have just as many if not more bulletins. I myself would not be concerned if you have a good dealer. look through the bulletins check the build date on the vehicle and inspect it very well (keepinig in mind the bulletins) at delivery. Any issues you find have them address it then and then enjoy your SRX.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    This article may be of interest:

    You, Your Vehicle and the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB)

    Steve, Host
  • dnomyar1dnomyar1 Member Posts: 4
    I must differ with you on the TSBs. We checked no less than four competitive vehicles' TSBs on that same day. Found "zero" TSBs for these "2004" vehicles while the SRX had 22 listed. We're disapointed and have informed our dealer we're going with another car manufacturer. By the way, the vehicle I tested had a bad shimmy. The dealer said it was just a balancing problem. Some workmanship!!
  • jhberry4jhberry4 Member Posts: 11
    Saying there are 22 TSBs on the SRX is truthful, but a little misleading at the same time. A number of the TSBs have nothing to do with the vehicle or it's performance (sunrrof repair parts not available, radio static, setting vehicle for French Canadian). Some of them are in reference to parts being available and other miscellaney. If you want to get a real feel for the intro of the vehicle you need to compare it not to 2004 models of carryover vehicles, but to go back and look at the first year for comparable models. If you take for example a 2002 Lexus RX300 you will find that there are 11 TSBs for a vehicle was in its fourth year.

    As an SRX owner I have not suffered any of the listed items to this point and the one about the seats is for a very small number of SRXs built over the summer. The dealers should have corrected them by now.
  • hootch1hootch1 Member Posts: 12
    I too looked at the list and while there were some areas of concern, notable slow accelaration in Northstar, most weren't a concern to me. The only one I have experienced is the problem getting parts. Someone did a smash and grab on the passenger window. The 40% of the parts that are unique to the SRX are dealer order only and are shipped fromt he vendor. Still the window broken Christmas Eve and ordered on the 26th was at the dealer on morning of the 30th - three business days.
  • cvacco1cvacco1 Member Posts: 1
    Hello - I have been doing business with my local SaaB/Cadillac dealership over the past 10 years and want to buy the new SRX. I do not feel that I am getting a good deal and would like anyone's opinion. I would like the AWD, 6V, Luxury package, and UltraView. I received a quote for $43,995 plus license, tax and title for a total of $46,450.41. I don't think he gave me anything off of the list!!! Should I go back and try to reduce this or take the offer? Or is it because this is so new a car they will not make any offers?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • pbeerspbeers Member Posts: 26
    I think the MSRP for what you're looking at is around $45,800 (from the Cadillac website), so with that deal at $43,995 you're getting around $1,800 off of list. Invoice is around $41,900.

    I imagine a lot depends on where you live and how many dealers there are/how high his volume is, but since you're a repeat customer it seems that you may be able to get him to lower his price a bit more.

    On a related note, from what I understand, Cadillac may have underestimated demand for the V6 compared to the V8, so a dealer may not be willing to deal as much for this model...
  • minime5minime5 Member Posts: 41
    I've also been shopping the SRX V6 against a couple of other vehicles, and your price is right around what I've be quoted. I live in the Chicago area, and I've received internet pricing from three dealers. Where are you located? Don't forget that there's a $1500 conquest rebate available if you own any other car in addition to a Cadillac. One dealer also told me that there's an additional $750 lease cash. Good luck!!
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    I got a 24 hr test drive certificate plus 1k bonus cash on any GM.
  • lectricbuck1lectricbuck1 Member Posts: 1
    The new lease program on the SRX is incredible. I just got a Black V6 AWD with Luxury Pkg,3rd Seat,and DVD.This includes the moonroof. The 48mth lease is 15,000mi/yr requires $190 at signing "Grab keys and Go" for $580/mth. This includes the new $1500 non GM owner incentive to take the car's price $1500 below invoice.I have to show a registration for a non GM vehicle.

    To put that a perspecitve,the best lease I have found on a Yukon Denali $3000 below invoice with rebate was $670 with $500 at signing. A fully loaded 2004 I could find was $590 mth with $625 due at signing based on invoice.

    Low money rates,no entry costs,high residual create I think are framing this lease opportunity. The Sales Mgr said this was a new program. The push is on to "get these cars on the streets" .Makes sense to me. This fall I could in no way justify the pricing/ownership it is hard to ignore. The Group Sales Mgr at Dodge also sells GMC's at another location. His response was honest. "I'd go with the question"

    If you have been waiting like is the time. Btw Consumer Reports just gave the SRX it's second highest rating ever behind the Honda Pilot. I really was going to pull the trigger on a 2004 Durango Limited until this morning.

    Fyi, I live in Cincinnati
  • shainthepainshainthepain Member Posts: 2
    I am interested in buying a Cadillax SRX and have haggled with the dealership for the last week. They finally offered me invoice minus $1500 rebate. Basically, $1,500 below invoice. Is this a good deal, or can I do better?
  • pbeerspbeers Member Posts: 26
    If you can get it at invoice - I'd say go for it, the best I've seen is $250 to $500 above. Is the $1,500 rebate the one for non-GM owners?
  • b4zb4z Member Posts: 3,372
    Read my response to your question in the "Cadillac SRX" thread.
  • pbeerspbeers Member Posts: 26
    Picked up our SRX from the dealer last Wednesday - only took 4 weeks from the time we ordered it until it arrived. Fairly loaded V8, silver with ebony interior, AWD, mag ride control, DVD nav w/Bose, HID headlights, ultraview sunroof, third row seat. We only paid about $300 over invoice (low 50's).

    The dealer was great (Bewley Allen Cadillac in Alhambra/Los Angeles, CA). Extremely professional and had what I would call 'zero' sales pressure. We've only put about 200 miles on the SRX so far, but it rides fantastic and is an absolute blast to drive. This is our first Cadillac; from what I've seen so far I doubt it will be our last.
  • b4zb4z Member Posts: 3,372
  • Jaynj1Jaynj1 Member Posts: 47
    I am looking to replace my X5 in 3 to 4 weeks. Any good deals in central jersey area?

  • zeenzeen Member Posts: 401
    A local dealer is advertising a RWD SRX lease for $3k down (total) and $399 a month for 48 months and 12K miles/yr. Is that a good price? Also, how does SmartBuy work? Another dealer is pushing that option. At the end of the 24 month period, you have an option to buy at a set price. I assume you can walk away with no obligation.
  • stevehollysteveholly Member Posts: 26
    We leased an SRX about 3 weeks ago with great luck at Gold Coast on Rt. 35...
    Happy to provide additional details if you send me an email (look at my profile)
  • amcdadamcdad Member Posts: 61
    In NY, you cannot lease an SRX (liability reasons with leasing)- they set up a "Smart Buy" whereby you get title and pay tax on the whole car, but it otherwise works like a lease. I am picking mine up today in Western NY: Black, V-6, AWD, Roof, 3rd Row, MSRP 46,780, Invoice 42,717, sales price $41,000, an additonal $3250 in rebates. Payments worked out to: $0 down (except tax, title, registration of approx $3500), $450 a month for 36 months, 12,000 miles a year. Hope it is worth it!
  • beatonesbeatones Member Posts: 4
    could you let me know what dealer in ny? am interested in same
  • charlie browncharlie brown Member Posts: 7
    just picked up a black srx v6 base model.sticker was 39k i paid 30790+ 199 doc fee and tax. used all 4k of incentives to acheive this.ended up about 5k under invoice.this deal took a long time to make happen and 400 mile also was not a good buying experience.but i did win over your homework.they will sell the srx cheap cause inventory is bloated and most people get sticker shock cause gm overbuilt the srx with too many overpriced options.i seen one for just under 60k,thats way outa hand.i sold a house on 6 acres cheaper than that.remember! there is more room than you think.when you buy a car its like a delicate chess match, you must know the info before you go to the dealer.but dont let him know you know the numbers.its a fine strategy,they are playing you and your wallet for the most buyer beware.let them know you will not buying on the day you go in, no matter what they say.they build more and more caddys must be patciant and think clearly and can catch them telling lies.i did.thats why a saved a bundle of my hard earned money. good luck to all.its truly a great crossover wagon.
  • b4zb4z Member Posts: 3,372
    I paid $34.2K for my base V6 or about $4400 off.
    I used the $1500 conquest cash and the $1000 Instant Value certificate.
    Were there additional incnetives on top of those that you used?
  • charlie browncharlie brown Member Posts: 7
    b4z, 1500 more off on non sunroof models
          (no ultraveiw) all rebates should be 4k total plus dealer discount.what this guy did was low ball me then tried to make it up elseware (trade,finance,ect.)but i wasent having that.the no sunroof showed on the gmbuy power site.was in effect til june 1st check it out,its under current offers. i lost 2k on a corvette a couple of years ago on i do tons of homework and shopping around.tired of getting beat up on new car i run the deal my way or walk.after all it is our money. go get you dough!
  • b4zb4z Member Posts: 3,372
    I leased mine March 4th so that deal wasn't in effect.
    I did the sign and drive promotion and put nothing down so I am pretty happy with the deal.
    Did not realize that they were now giving $1500 off on V6 models without sunroof.
    I knew the V8s had it.

    SRXs don't seem to be selling very well.
  • eaton53eaton53 Member Posts: 356
    "SRXs don't seem to be selling very well."

    Autosite says they've sold 8848 units thru April, a pace that will amount to about 35K for the year. The original forecasts I saw predicted 30K units, so it's actually a bit above.

    Question is - have they built over that forecast and now have more units than they can move?
  • cmhpeachcmhpeach Member Posts: 1
    I have a question for anyone out there who has purchased accessories for their vehicle. My question has to do with Protective Paint finishing and Coating.

    Is this necessary or desirable when you bought your car/SUV. The price i am being quoted is $300 and was told that 90% of folks have this done? What is the scoop? What is your opinion on this?

    If anyone could reply sooner (today) rather than later I would appreciate it.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    It's just wax; save your money.

    Lots more in the Store Bought Waxes Part II (No Zaino Posts) discussion.

    Steve, Host
  • charlie browncharlie brown Member Posts: 7
    pure dealer bull! caddys paint has a superior clear coat thats extreemly durable even without care.however if you wax your car about evey 3 months or so you will reduce ultraviolet rays that slowly degragate the finish.make shure you get all your rebates! including dealer discount too.depending on how much options are on the srx the price off sticker should be good rite now.also there is a incentive change going on rite now so keep an eye out at gm buypower under current offers.i would be a bit sceptical at this you need under coating?window ecthing,extended warranty?get the picture.good luck.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Don't forget the $200 fabric protection (or you can buy a couple of cans of Scotchgard for $20 and d-i-y).

    Steve, Host
  • automan227automan227 Member Posts: 118
    I was quoted the follow for a 2004 SRX V6 AWD with Luxury Pkg., Ultraview Sunroof, and Power Lumbar seats:

    MRSP: 45,780
    Dealer Discount: 2793.71
    Conquest Rebate: 1500

    Total: 41,486.29 + Tax and Tags

    Is that a reasonable price, or should I negotiate more? Are there any other incentives available on the SRX besides the conquest rebate?


  • manybmwsmanybmws Member Posts: 347
    Super deal. What were your options?
  • rookierookie Member Posts: 1
    Finally I am ready to buy a car. I have decided on a 2005 Cadillac SRX with the luxury performance package. According to Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds the MSRP is $52,695 and the invoice is $47,441. Since a search of the dealer base did not produce a car in the color and with the options I want, I will need to order it from the factory. There is a $1000 deposit required but it is refundable. The price is negotiated before ordering. It will take 6-8 weeks to receive. What would be a fair price? Is there room to negotiate since it is a 2005? Any tips or info you have will be appreciated.
  • pbeerspbeers Member Posts: 26
    I would think that you could get it for around 48-48.5, especially since you are ordering it so the dealer gets an instant sale (and gets to keep all of the factory holdback).

    FWIW, we ordered ours (also with Lux Perf Pkg) back in Jan '04 and it took only 4 weeks to arrive at the dealer. 5,000 miles later we thoroughly enjoy it, not a squeak or rattle, and an absolute blast to drive.
  • chili1chili1 Member Posts: 2
    Hey guys,

    I'm probably going to gold coast this weekend, they advertise 0 down everything for an SRX and $279 a month for 24mo smart lease... Is this a deal or what ? it sounds good to me but I'd like a diff oppinion. . . .
  • b4zb4z Member Posts: 3,372
    Looks like they made a mistake on that $279 price.

    I leased my '04 SRX in March on the sign and drive program with 0 down. They were advertising $459 a month for 48 months.

    Which included dealer discount, conquest cash, and
    instant value certificates.
  • stevehollysteveholly Member Posts: 26
    The price is valid, but real ALL the fine print.
    Goald Coast is offering:
    $279/month for 24 months using SmartBuy on a base SRX (sticker $38,690)
    12,000 miles/yr or final payment of $25,536
    $0 at delivery ($0 down, no bank fee, $0 deposit)
    $1500 Conquest Rebate (all non-GM owners)
    $750 SmartBuy rebate (everyone)
    $2000 GM Test Drive Certificate (must have the orignal certificate)
    $1000 Olds Owner Rebate (currently own a '96-'00 Olds)
    $1500 Bonus Cash (everyone who buys a non-sunroof SRX)

    If you meet all the criteria and don't need the miles - go for it!
  • jonnyboy7jonnyboy7 Member Posts: 50

    1. What is "Gold Coast"? How on earth did they get to $279 / mo. on a 24 month lease?

    2. What is a "GM Test Drive Certificate"?

    3. How does one avoid the bank fee on a lease?

  • stevehollysteveholly Member Posts: 26
    1. Gold Coast is a Central NJ dealer ("America's Largest Cadillac Dealer" if you listen to their schtick) in Oakhurst, NJ.

    1a. $279/mo? Do the math - lots of discounts on a stripped SRX w/ a high residual. But lots of stipulations as well...

    2. Folks who showed interest could receive, via mail, a "GM Test Driver Certificate" worth $2000 off - not a clue how to get one if you wanted one - sorry!

    3. The bank fee (GMAC) is still there, obviously, just paid for in the payments vs. up front.

    Hope this helps!
  • jonnyboy7jonnyboy7 Member Posts: 50

    Thanks for your reply. I still can't see how they got to $279 per month unless there was a large initial cap cost reduction / down payment required. Was there? I'm purchasing an '04 with luxury (1sb) and 3rd row seat (in other words, not a lot of options) at invoice with all the rebates. The monthly payment on a 48 month lease, including tax, at 15k / year is $414, which I think is terrific -- but obviously I'm wondering about your numbers! Even if I subtract out tax and assume 12k miles, and use a non-optioned V6 as the model, I don't get to $279. Especially for a 24 month lease, which should be FAR more expensive on a monthly basis than a 48 month lease.

    More details? Thanks.
  • stevehollysteveholly Member Posts: 26
    Don't know what to tell you....
    Here's the ad in the paper that ran today:

    "$279/mo Smartbuy, 24 months, 12k miles/yr on base SRX. MSRP of example is $38,690. Optional final payment of $25,536.
    $0 Due at delivery ($0 bank fee, $0 Disposition fee, $0 Security deposit, $0 Customer cash or trade)
    Rebates: $1500 GM Conquest (non-GM owners), $750 SmartBuy cash (everyone), $2000 GM Test Drive (must have original certificate), $1000 Olds Owner Loyalty ('96-00 Olds owner), $1500 Bonus cash (on all non-sunroof SRXs)"

    Best I can say is give 'em a call.
    Email me direct if you want to know who we dealt with there. (Ours - Black '04 V6, AWD, Luxury, 3rd row, Rear DVD... had it 6 months - love it!)
  • jonnyboy7jonnyboy7 Member Posts: 50
    Cadillac's current incentives expire today, 9/7/04. They included $1500 conquest, $1500 non-sunroof models, $1500 finance with GMAC, $1000 for 48 month leases, and $750 for California customers. The lease residuals were good as well.

    Could someone post the new incentives, which will presumably be available starting the morning of 9/8/04? Thanks.
  • pathdocpathdoc Member Posts: 126
    Were the incentives listed above on 2004 or 2005 models?
    Edmunds doesn't list the above incentives on 2005 models. I just drove a V8 AWD last night and was very impressed. It did not have the magnetic ride control which I expect would have even improved the handling. Does anyone have any comments on the difference with and without the magnetic ride control? Also any info on 2005 discounts in S. California would be appreciated.

  • jonnyboy7jonnyboy7 Member Posts: 50
    The above incentives are for 2004 models only. I'm not sure which apply to 2005 vehicles.
  • eaton53eaton53 Member Posts: 356
    "Does anyone have any comments on the difference with and without the magnetic ride control?"

    Yes, the difference is BIG, in both ride and handling. I've driven a V6, no Magnaride and V8 Magnaride.
  • davidcoultharddavidcoulthard Member Posts: 1
    $38,900 for
    - 04 V6
    - AWD
    - Luxury Performance Package (1SD)

    Any comments - Too High/Low/Ok?

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