Replaced clutch now it won't start.

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I just put a new hydraulic system and clutch in my brothers 2002 Saturn sl1. Now we tried to start it yesterday and nothing. Just barely clicked a few times at the starter. I tried jumping it and checked all the connections I could think of that came off while doing the clutch. Nothing. So as I was pulling him home from the shop I had him try to jump it at a slow speed and what do you know fires right up. When we got it home . Turned it off and again nothing it just clicks. So my question is would it be the starter , maybe battery cuz it had a terrible looking ground connection or is something else misaligned on the flywheel. I wouldn't think so since it started and all the gears worked. Its a manual obviously. Please someone help.


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    Well the clicking certainly sounds like a low battery or bad connection someplace. And you said the ground connection looked terrible. You drift started it and everything worked, so it almost has to be that. Have the battery tested AND clean up all the connectors would be my first moves.

    It doesn't sound any more complicated than that at this point.
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