2005 Passat V-6 4motion vs Infiniti G35x AWD

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These two vehicles will be close to price, size, V-6, and have AWD. Both are larger and less expensive than a BMW 330xi AWD or an Audi A4 3.0 Quattro- comparison analysis?


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    You'd only be doing yourself a disservice to not consider the new Subaru Legacy 3.0R in this comparison. It's very close in size and I'll bet it will come in at even less than Passat 4 motion and G35x.

    Granted, nobody outside Subaru knows exactly how it will be specced but it's looking quite good in all the other global markets it's been released in (Japan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, etc.)

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    Thanks for the info-

    I always viewed Subaru as buzzy and ugly but this looks cool. Do you know hp and interior volume? Definitely checking it out. I hope VW comes to their senses and the 3.2 V-6 has at least 240hp, HID xenon and finally a 6-disc in-dash CD player! I wouldn't call it near-luxury without it. The G35x looks are a little off but would consider it if VW doesn't get their act together. The current Passat is cool looking but the 190hp is a joke and the taillights are awkward. I'm holding out!
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    The Passat just looks so small to me. Small tires, low roof. The thing that really drives me crazy is that cheap antenna! Is there any other car manufacurer that builds cars that cost more than $25,000 that doesn't at least have a retractible antenna? Putting one in the front windshield and rear window is the way to do it right.
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    Not exactly sure on anything as the US model specs are not available yet. In other markets the interior space has expanded over the 2003 models (everywhere else but the U.S. gets the new model as an '04 ours is an '05). Horsepower from the 3 liter H6 is said to be about 240 or so.

    Subaru will also be bringing back the Legacy Turbo which will have the 2.5 liter turbocharged H4 that is in both the Forester XT and the Impreza WRX STi and should fall somewhere between these two for horsepower and torque numbers.

    I'll take mine in wagon form!

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    Pricing on this model is now available here at Edmunds.
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    I debated this one. I really really liked the G35, but I wanted AWD. When I heard the G35 would have AWD as an option, I thought I might wait until December. But I couldn't hold out. Oh, also wanted something family oriented.

    I ended up with a '03 W8 Wagon, since I had a $1000 VW customer loyalty certificate, leftover discounts and 2.9% financing. I got an awesome car for less than the G35x, sooner than the G35x, not in the car's first year (always a concern), and at a rock-bottom price versus the old dealer line they'll use when you go to buy a new G35x... "this is a very hot car so I can't discount it since the next guy will pay invoice price."

    I'll bet the G35x is going to be nice, but I'll still feel like a king when we're running head to head.
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    Expect about 250hp/250ft-lb...taken from "in house" marketing materials at my friendly local Subie-fleet dealers office.

    Much more practical (as a wagon) and less expensive, but not as refined at the G.

    Regardless, my 02 WRX will be leaving me soon for one of the two.

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    "I'll bet the G35x is going to be nice, but I'll still feel like a king when we're running head to head"

    IS that in the snow only?
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    Three good choices. I prefer the Subaru as a past Legacy owner. Subaru's noted as buzz boxes is just not the case, they are no more buzzy than the other 4 cyls. Japanese cars. Even the 4cyl 3-Series was noisy. Toyota Camry's are better, as Toyota has made sound insulation a priority.

    Back to subject. VW's are awesome if you get a good one, but Lord help you if you don't. G35's are awesome, I wonder what the AWD system will be like. The upgraded 05 Legacy should be nice also, if they have fixed up the interior as they claimed to do it should be quite nice. The interior in the H6 Outbacks from the last 2 years is a step up over the H4 Legacies. The new one is supposed to be better. One thing for sure the best handling and driving of these will be the Legacy. You wait until the mags tests and you will see.
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    The G35X beats out the Passat in terms of luxury, power, looks, etc. The Passat seems to heavy to me.
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    And RWD most of the time
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    Can someone tell me where I can find a picture of the 2005 Passat? The older ones in the previous discussion are not very clear. Also, does anyone know when the 2005 Passat will be available? Thanks.
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    This is my first time. I ordered a g35x. I've never been comfortable with front wheel drive. This X is the best of both worlds. It will give one hundred percent rear drive on dry payment. Twenty five percent front pull and seventy five percent push from a standing start. You push the dash button that says snow, and you get four wheel drive up to twelve and one half miles per hour and when you increase your speed after that, the computer takes over and decides what percentage you need on the wheels for the speed and road conditions. I've really researched this car so ask me any questions and I'lltry to answer them. I drive a 2000 I 30 in Minneapolis MN
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    Anyone have the G35x but love manual transmissions? This looks like the perfect car...aaah...I know they have the manual mode. What do you think of it? I have always had and loved Manual trannies. Don't know if I can move to this car with only an automatic. I really need the AWD as I live in CO.
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    Chris (sevrum7),
    If you want a great sports sedan with AWD and a manual check out the new Subaru Legacy GT which is debuting at the NAIAS in about a half hour. Of course I can't guarantee it will have a manual, but I would be willing to bet on it.

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    I just purchased a 03' W8 and took it in to the dealership cause the milage was not that great. Was told that they had to replace 2 of the 6 oxygen sensors on the engine....Has anyone ever encountered this problem? This was news to me...Any other inputs would be helpful....Cheers!
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    gleo, you'll find other W8 owners here:
    VW Passat Wagons (GL, GLS, GLX & W8)

    You might re-post in that discussion where your question is more likely to get feedback.


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    Kirstie, I think gleo should post on "Volkswagen Passat Owners: Problems & Solutions", since the W-8 is a Passat and he has a problem, and he may not have a wagon.
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    Why is this forum comparing the Passat V6 to the G35. The current Passat has more style, but it certainly isn't as fast as the G35. The current Passat V6 wasn't even as quick as the last Accord V6. Most people think the new Passat V6 is only going to have 240hp, which will be catching up to the Accord and the Altima. The G35 is based off of the 350Z. I wish the Passat was a performance vehichle too, but it won't be. One has to hope that VW recognizes the desire for the best performance that you can afford. If you are willing to opt for a bigger engine, you obviously car about performance.
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    Anybody driven one of these in snow? Reports? I like FWD over RWD in snow, but my (steep) driveway and winter (NY) conditions have pushed me to a Legacy (96 LSi wagon) and an RX300 (2000) for AWD. The G35x looks so good to me - audi/vw reliability put me off those. Thx.
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    Hi glenford - you might also check out the general Infiniti G35 discussion. You're more likely to find owners hanging out there.


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    Did you get your G35x yet? I'm also in the Mpls area, and am curious what kind of deal you got, and what dealership. Also, how is it in the snow, and in the -20°F weather we've been having? Thanks.
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    Hi zerrylady - posting your e-mail in Town Hall is a good way to get more spam! There are folks who "mine" public areas for e-mail addresses, so you might want to delete your own message and re-post without the contact info. You can just edit your profile to make your address public if you want other members to see it.


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    My lease ends in May on my I 30 so I just ordered the car for a May arrival. I ordered the car at Lupient in Golden Valley, MN.....I ordered the car with just what the car comes with and no extra accesories. My deal was $2800 down and $380.00 a month for 39 months. The $2800 and the $380 includes all taxes and any thing else they want to charge me. There is no charge when I turn the car in at 39 months. I ordered Black with a black interior. I have tons of written info on the car if you are interested
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    Just because the G35 has 20 more horse power?
    It's certainly more than just speed that is worth comparing.

    Both cars fall under the catagory of 5 passenger entry level luxury sedans, each with an AWD option
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    How many horses in a passat these days - you are suggesting 240 with that math. My 01.5 v6 had 190 and the G has 260 and there is a world of difference. The passat is a passenger car and the G is a spoprts sedan. I also belive the passat is no more or less of a car than the audi.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    I stand corrected; the Passat is 190 hsp
    that is a substantial difference.

    As a G35 fan, I would still compare the two cars only because they are in the same price range and the G35 just kicks [non-permissible content removed] in value.
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    The Passat is not changing until the 2006 model. It will be available Sept. 2005.
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