Hybrid System Display comes on vvvverrrry slowly, if at all.

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For the past 2 days, when I press the button to start my Prius after it's been in the garage all night (mid 40s-50s temp), I'll get only the seat belt light displayed - or the seat belt light then the others will slowly fade in! And sometimes the entire "Hybrid System" indicator display doesn't show up at all. And it won't start or, if it does, won't shut off.

If it does start, and I drive then park and turn it off, when I go to start it after just a few minutes, say at the grocery store, everything comes on fine.

Thoughts sir?

Thank you in advance for your time!


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    How old is your "regular" battery? May want to get it load tested. It may be marginal and the change in the weather may be just enough to cause it to act up.
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    Just replaced the regular battery less than 2 years ago. That was when I lived in Minneapolis, so it's survived -25 as well as 117 this summer.
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    Just asked for recommendations on shops so I'll get it load tested as you suggest.

    Thanks so much for your help. This is truly invaluable - and much appreciated!
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    Lots of parts stores will test it for free (hoping you'll buy a replacement from them).

    117? That could kill a battery fast. You did "worse" than me - we went from zero-ish in the UP a year ago, to just 100ish here in NM. Got down to 50 this evening and I had to go dig out my down jacket. Brrr! :)

    Let us know how it goes.
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