2000 Silverado 2500 Order

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Ordered my 2000 Silverado 3/4 ton on August 30,
1999, to date order has not been "allowed" to be
received by GM due to constraints from factory.
Last conversation w/dealer was that the G80 option
(locking differential) was holding up the order.
What a crock !!!!!!
So I have now fired off a letter to corporate
headquarters general manager as well as raised some
hell with the owner of dealership who had told me
upon placing my order that they did not have any
problems with constraints on this order.


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    Where do you live and what dealership could order you this truck & get it in so fast or did you by a dealer spec truck (they had it built this way for dealer stock) from the lot????
    As of this writing I am still waiting to have this truck ordered. Dealership general manager's latest (lie) is that he will be meeting with regional GM rep today to try & get my order placed. I have been a long time Chevy owner but FORD is beginning to look pretty good now. Since my initial order the base price & destination charges have both gone up & I am no closer to seeing this vehicle yet!!!!!!!
    Is any body from General Motors listening out there ????????
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    Thanks for your update. I was notified by the general manager of the second dealership owned by same that HE WILL have an allotment # for me by 12/1. As to whether or not the items presently on hold (see topic 1237 item 15 web page note)will allow order to go thru is another issue.
    I gave up on the general manager where I placed my order originally because he was full of you know what. This gm seems to be more up front and gives me answers whether good or bad no matter what. He has now personally taking over handling my order as requested by the owner of the businesses. Thats the type of integrity I like to see from a dealership, NO BULL!
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    I agree with you there. I can take the truth, whatever it might be. I just don't want to be jerked around and lied to.

    Keep me advised on your order and I will do the same.

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    Been out on the road in my new truck love it.
    Got my truck from Anderson Chevrolet in CA.
    It is in Menlo Park and the salesmans name is Chris Herman dont't have # but will post soon
    just spoke with him other day and is getting friend same truck well sort of.My truck was built to my specs.so I know it was built just for me.
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    Al, Sent you a reply to your e-mail but since I work for the Sate of N.Y. I was'nt quite sure it would make it to you sooooo, My order was for a Y2K 2500 Silverado 2wd w/appearance pkg, locking diff., 3.73 axle, cruise, high cap air cleaner, a/c, rear window slider, am/fm stereo cassette, trl. pkg, camping mirrors & QIW tire upgrade. I placed order 8/30 but will not have allotment # until 12/1 the dealer tells me, when it will be built is another story. Info on "Production Delays/Holds can be found at this web site, www.wheels.com/reference/assembly/html/index.htm
    This web site covers info on ALL manufacturers.

    This was posted by another "chat" member a while back but I don't recall which topic since there are so many.

    I'll keep you posted on my order as the info comes back to me.
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    Also forgot to mention that this is a shortbox extended cab which comes standard w/5.3L & 4spd auto.

    Ray T.
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    Well today came & went but still no confirmation on truck order. Did speak with the owner of business very apologetic etc. etc..
    Will see what tomorrow brings.......oh joy

    I have a feeling that the 3 options (3.73 axle, locking diff & trl. pack) are going to still be a problem since the delays/holds are still in place yet. I WANT MY CHEVY TRUCK.....NOW!!!!
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    I know the guys here who already their truck are tired of hearing us gripe. Well, sorry guys. This 3 door/4 door on again/off again stuff is getting old.

    "3.73 axle,locking diff & trl. pack) are going to still be a problem" Right again!!!! The guy at GM said the factory would not change our order and drop those options. I said they BETTER NOT. So here we sit, and sit, and.........When I call in next week, (I tink they all know me buy now) I'm gonna ask about changing it to a 4 door. If I'm waiting, I might as well be waiting for what I really wanted in the first place.
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    Well now I'm even more pissed off with GM than before. Got off the phone with dealerships owner & still NO ALLOTMENT yet for my truck soooooo.....

    For all of us disgruntled potential customers of GM here's the address to start our letter campaign ......

    Ronald L. Zarrella
    President, GM North America
    General Motors Corporation
    100 Renaissance Ctr., Tower 300
    Detroit, Michigan 48265

    Kick, stomp, scream let them know you are not happy with how they are running the business.
    Remember all the ads during month of October on TV?, "October is Chevy Truck Month", they lure us in but can't supply the product!!!!!! Let them know how you feel maybe we can have an effect, you won't know until you try & it's worth the 33 cent stamp.

    Ray T.
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    I, for one will write a letter this weekend. Maybe if old Ronald gets a bunch of letters at the same time, it will get his attention. As you said, it can't hurt.

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    Just finished writing my letter. Thanks for the address.
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    See my post on topic 1237 for prod. delays/holds info.

    Still waiting, and waiting & waiting.......... Feel like the Energizer Rabbit wandering aimlessly in GM Land.

    Supposed to here more today from dealership.....& I bet he has a bridge to sell me too!!
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    Go check out my chevy truck wows on topic 816.
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    Just got off the phone with dealer in Conneticut, will sell me vehicle for same cost ($300 over invoice) has allotment but order must be signed by noontime 12/17...
    Guess where I'm going tomorrow morning.
    Delivery 50 days from placement of order.

    Hope it's for real.....will keep all posted.
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    It finally happened, see Topic #816 my post #127 for the details

    Now for the 50 day wait.
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