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Honda CRV 2004- Pros and Cons

tambertamber Member Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Honda
I am interested in hearing from 2004 owners. what is your take on it..Drive comfort etc. I am planning on buying one within a week..and are doing last minute opinions..


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    apiano29apiano29 Member Posts: 16
    Bought fifteen days ago. Continuous annoying rattle form the rear. Taken to the dealer twice now. Not resolved. Taking again tomorrow for the third time.

    The roof rack they give is useless. The only option I paid for is for a roof rack because I use it a lot. What the CRV gets as a roof rack is what Honda calls a base carrier - two parallel bars that cannot be adjusted. Yesterday i had the need to use my roof rack. The things I loaded on the roof rack and tied all got shifted before I could go half a mile and my ties got loosened. This is because it is not possible to tie anything that you carry on the roof rack from one side to the other. It is dangerous. Before I could go five miles I had to keep on getting off the car every half a mile and refasten my ties and that was going at less than 10 miles an hour because if I went faster than that the things on the roof would have fallen damaging my car as well as causing a road hazard to other vehicles. Try it. You cannot. You can keep something on the two base carrier bars and tie it on to these two bars. However, with every turn of the vehicle they will move from side to side because you cannot fasten them to either side. I thought a SUV is a Utility Vehicle. What is the purpose of a Utility Vehicle if you cannot take something on a roof rack even in an emergency.
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    stevedebistevedebi Member Posts: 4,098
    With the high center of gravity, I can see why Honda restricts the roof to 75lb load. I don't plan on using mine at all - I would tow a small trailer before I used it.
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    ashumakerashumaker Member Posts: 3
    My 2004 CR-V EX is one week old.
    I am very happy with my purchase.
    I bought the CR-V for it's versatility, features and gas mileage. I seriously looked in person and on the web at similar SUV's for about a month.
    My fav features are:
    CD & Cassette player. Rear seats are higher than front which gives passengers good visibility. Huge cargo area. Lots of leg room in rear seats. Front pass through. Tinted windows. I am just really impressed with it. I feel so smart driving it, and I know from experience that this Honda will last me a very long time.
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    varmintvarmint Member Posts: 6,326
    Apiano29 - I agree that the stock rack in less functional than others. Mostly because you cannot shift the crossbars fore and aft. That said, your's is the first post I've read about having problems with tied items shifting from side to side. I'd recommend using what sailors call a "hitch and a half" knot to secure items to the crossbars. It's a simple knot that locks itself into place.

    Tami - Here are a few "Pros"

    The interior is almost the size of a midsize SUV, yet is gets terrific gas mileage. While they aren't completely foolproof, they are among the most reliable vehicles on the market. It scores very highly in safety crash tests. It includes features that you'd never think were important until you've lived with the vehicle for a while.

    A few "cons"

    Like any SUV, it's tippy during emergency handling. Towing is not its forte and the OEM rookrack isn't as good as aftermarket options. It can be expensive to repair in a fender bender.
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    kizhekizhe Member Posts: 242
    When I was shopping for a new car I checked a lots of different cars.
    Money was not a major issue. I just wanted to buy a car which I liked.
    What I liked in CR-V was: POSITION of gear shift and parking break levers,
    shelf/passage between front seats, in-dash 6-CD changer, plenty of cargo space (for me), powerful 4-cyl economical engine on 'regular' fuel, tinted "green glass", quiet engine.
    What I disliked in CR-V: Grade Logic Transmission System (you have a feeling that smth drag you back on downhill coasting, shaky suspension and noisy tires, mediocre radio sound.
    What I bought as aftermarket accessories: Fog lights (very GOOD - highly recommend), roof rack (mediocre ), Interior silver decals and leather steering wheel cover (which jazz up dull interior), chrome exhaust pipe (worthless thing), front splash guards (why are they not 'standard'?), leather seats (very good), 4 -piece floor/cargo mats (practical), cargo net (never used so far), winter heated seats (were dead on arrival - aftermarket but under Honda warranty) .
    All of these goodies brought the price to about $26,000 - but I got what I wanted.
    Now I have 10,000 - no problems so far... .
    I start rotating tires on each 10,000 as the Manual recommends. I do 5 tire rotation.
    Some people here reported that the life expectancy of EX tires is about 35,000.
    But I need 50,000 to complete the full cycle. Is that mean that I have to rotate them each 7,000
    to complete full cycle before 35,000 ??? I want to wear them ALL evenly and replace all 5 to
    the superior brand. And also rotate 5 tires is much easier than 4.
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    apiano29apiano29 Member Posts: 16
    Thank you for telling me about the "hitch and a half" knot. Went on the internet and learnt how to do that knot. Not used yet. Will let you know once I use it.

    I am not a complainer. I want to enjoy my new EX. When I complain about problems and cons I cannot enjoy my new car. I agree that it has a better engine than the old one (the 1999 one I exchanged for). Now about the screeching noise from my new EX. Tried calling Conicelli Honda Service dept. many times. Left multiple telephone voice messages. Conicelli Honda Service Dept. did not have the courtesy to even reply any of my telephone messages. I am thoroughly frustrated with Conicelli Honda in Conshohocken, PA.

    In utter frustration yesterday evening I took my new 2004 EX to the dealer and met with the Sales Manager. Gave him the key and told him to drive it himself. So we went for a drive withthe Sales Manager driving. He admitted there is a very audible screeching noise and that the noise is annoying to him also. The noise starts at about 45 MPH speed and gradually increases with speed and at about 60 MPH it is unbearable. His opinion was that the noise was coming from the new hood rack. I disagreed with him and said that the noise was there even before the hood rack was put in. But people can disagree on things. That is OK. He told me to make an appointment with the Service Dept. and bring the car in to attend to the noise.

    Well, I have left three messages with the Service Dept. at Conicelli Honda from 7:30 AM, at about 10: AM I left a message with the Manager, Service Dept. It is now 11:10 AM. No one at Conicelli Honda has returned my calls to make the appointment. So I have to take a day off from work to make the appointment, another day to drop the car off etc. etc. The same routine I went with the Roof rack. I live in PA but work in New York. Conicelli Honda in Conshohocken, PA is Lousy, Lousy. Lousy. Lousy. When are they going to let me enjoy the new car.

    By the way I contacted Honda. They opened a case file about this screeching noise. That was lst Thursday. I was told that a Technical person would get back to me in three days. Today is Wednesday - seven days later I am still waiting for Honda tech. person to call. What is wrong with Honda??????????????????????????
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    apiano29apiano29 Member Posts: 16
    Took my 2004 CRV EX to dealer on Monday to get the screeching noise attended to. Sales Manager at the dealership drove the car and agreed 1) there is a noise; 2) the noise is annoying 3) it has to be fixed. However, he disagreed with me that the noise is a metallic screeching noise. He was of the opinion that the noise is a whistling noise and is co,ing from the new hood rack which according to him has not been properly installed. I informed him that the screeching noise was present even before the hood rack was installed. He was 100% sure that it was the hood rack.

    Took it to Service yesterday, Tuesday. Service manager inspected the car and stated the hood rack has been installed correctly and disagreed with the sales manager. Anyway I left it there for them to attend to it. Will keep you guys and gals informed of the outcome.

    By the way they gave me a free courtesy car - a 2003 Toyota RAV4 with 4500 miles on it. Much more comfortable and smoother ride than the CRV, no screeching noises, no rattles, better shock absorbing, better cornering and much much more comfortable than the CRV. Interior is not as spacious as the CRV but what a difference in driving comfort.
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    andriesandries Member Posts: 37
    I am just guessing here, but I would say that apiano29's unpleasant experience so far has left a bitter taste in your mouth. You are the first that I have heard to say that the Rav is so much better than the CRV. I know that I for one thought the Rav was a nice vehicle, but felt the CRV was my top pick, and still is. I would say that one did not do his homework well enough before he bought, if he feels the Rav is so much better now. But then I am not feeling bitter towards the vehicle or dealership YET!!
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    apiano29apiano29 Member Posts: 16
    If I gave the impression that the RAV4 is better than the CRV I apologize. That is not what I meant. I drove the RAV4 only one evening. What I felt was that the ride was much smoother and more comfortable than the CRV and no noises. However the CRV is more roomier inside, better placement of internal components etc. I had a CRV from 1999 and traded it in for the 04 CRV because I liked the CRV. The 1999 CRV did not give me any problems. That was why I traded it and bought the same model. But the particular car I got is lousy, the deal was lousy, the service I have recieved from the dealership so far is lousy. Yes, all this has left a very bitter taste in my mouth.
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    kizhekizhe Member Posts: 242
    to apiano29:
    Psychologically your problems are understandable:
    You had had an OLD car and it was... an old car.
    If anything was not perfect in that car you can forgive it.
    Now your have a BRAND NEW CAR and your expect
    this car to be PERFECT !!!! No so ... sometimes.
    Everything what is not right or not expected driving you
    nuts and everything is ... lousy.
    Concentrate on things that are better in your new car
    than old.
    Don't worry, be happy :-) .
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    jennyraj2jennyraj2 Member Posts: 5
    Hi all,
      Has anyone added the Keyless entry system (from Hondaaccessories.com and others) to 2004 LX?
     The instructions do not match the actual 2004.
    For example, should we remove the box? Where are the self-tapping screws on the box? In 2004 LX, I have a small door at the bottom - looks like it can be pryed open. But even then, the box itself is solidly attached to the car...How do I pull it out?

    Any help would be appreciated...
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    bikeman47bikeman47 Member Posts: 2

    I installed the keyless entry myself, not that hard.

    There is a small panel in the back of the storage bin/CD holder. Pry off this panel with a small screwdriver. You will then see a single screw that attaches the compartment to the dash. Remove the screw. Now comes the tricky part, take both of your hands and put them inside the compartment and push to get traction, then pull the compartment out. It should pop out, you may have to wiggle it a little to get it out. From there attach the receiver and read instr to program it. Good Luck!
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    carminey2003carminey2003 Member Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2004 CRV LX last month, but I am already having problem with the brakes. Currently, my car has 450miles. This is my third Honda but first CRV. I was so impressed by the Honda reputation that I bought the CRV without testing other models (ok, other than Jeep Liberty). I love this car, it drives well, handles smoothly and is very roomie. The interior desinger takes advantage of every corner possible and yes SHE IS BEAUTIFUL (mine is silver).

    But...there is something wrong with the brakes. I hear thumping or clicking noise when I stop at a red light, with my foot on the brake pedal. I hear grinding noise when I turn the steering wheel, with my foot on the brake pedal (as in doing a K-turn). Sometimes, my car seat and steering wheel vibrates while stopping at a red light, when my engine is in drive and foot on brake.

    I've read other CRV owners have the same problem with brake noise, is this a recurring theme or mine happens to be the 'imperfect' one? Any suggestions? I brought my car in to the dealer and they said I need to leave it for a day. Since I will be without a car for a day, should the dealer give me a loaner for the day, since this is a brand new car?

    Also, when looking at the front tire, I was surprised to be able to see the inside of my car and the other side!!! Based on my past experience, I thought the area by the two front tires should be sealed by a black plastic panel (or wheel aligner) to prevent snow, salt and debris from getting into the engine. This caused me great concern since I live in NY and we get pretty snowy winter and that I have seen snow and debris accumulate in that area-by the tires, against the roof of the wheel aligner. Has this cause any concern for anyone? As a matter of fact, this caused so much concern that I started to doubt as to whether I have purchased a quality car or not. My hubby thinks I am crazy. I am just not used to being able to see my engine from the outside, without opening the hood. I've looked at other older models (parked on the street) and saw that area was sealed. Why did Honda change the design? Won't the engine rust with salt and snow getting inside? I asked the dealer if there's any accessoreis/parts that I can purchase to seal that area off, he said no. I would like to hear what the owner CRV owners' thought on this. In addition, is there a brush guard for the car? Sometimes, I drive over a pile of snow, just want to make sure that the parts are well protected. Thanks for your feedback. Carmen
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    Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,150
    Hi carmeney2003. You're more likely to get a response in the active CRV Owners: Problems & Solutions discussion. You can just highlight your post, copy it, click on my link, then paste it into that discussion.

    Need help navigating? kirstie_h@edmunds.com - or send a private message by clicking on my name.
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    skippyspaniel2skippyspaniel2 Member Posts: 3
    Well built and responsive. It handles well and my wife loves it in the snow. BUT I really find the seats really uncomfortable. After 10-15 mins of driving, I feel tense and my back feels discomfort. I am 6 foot 1" 190lbs. I cannot drive the CRV for more than 15 mins.
    I actually drive a Ford Focus as my primary car, and although have not had trouble free experience, I find the Focus much more comfartable and can take it for 6+ hour road trips. My 2c
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    macarthur2macarthur2 Member Posts: 135
    Some vehicles have been known to screech because the windshield is improperly sealed. It starts at a certain speed and then increases with speed. Check to see if Honda has had a problem with windshield sealing.
    Also I am really really curious why a Honda dealer would have a loaner car from Toyota. Especially a RAV which just happens to be the competition for the owners CRV. Just REALLY curious thats all. ;-)
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    smsuvundecidedsmsuvundecided Member Posts: 49
    I've been researching small SUV's for about a month now. My list was a CR-V, a Rav4 and an Escape. After test driving and alot of research I choose the Rav4, however the CR-V was a close 2nd. Pluses for Toyota and Honda were their high reliability and value.

    The CR-V was just as some of you said, the seats were a bit uncomfortable for me too. And there wasn't enough leg room. I'm 5' 11", 185lbs, I had the seat all the way back and my legs didn't feel comfortable. Also, (My Opinion!) I think the CR-V looks bland or dull (kind of). Pluses for the CR-V are the interior space.

    Anyway, I thought I should post here since this is a pro/con forum for the CR-V... my 2 cents.
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    bluemalibu2000bluemalibu2000 Member Posts: 25
    I just bought a silver CRV LX, and really like everything about it. One of the pros that sold me on the CRV was its resale value. It just takes away a lot of the risk of buying one. I typically keep cars a long time, but it's good to know I could sell it in a couple of years if I wanted to and not a beating. I see used CRV's two or three years old selling for not much less than the new ones sell for. RAV4's may be the same way, I don't know. Being Toyota quality, I imagine they hold their value well too. It's sad to say, but I do know that with just about any American made car, you better be prepared to keep it for a long long time unless you have really deep pockets.
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    bshelbshel Member Posts: 232
    I am really pleased with the first 3 weeks with this new Chianti Red EX. I think the engine has a lot of pep and have so much SPACE throughout. I'm 5'10 and find that it has plenty of space for me and I'm comfortable in the driver's seat. I had to get used to a diff driving position than from my Accord, but it is quite comfortable. I have yet to go a long distance, but am hopeful I feel the same afterwards. I looked at some of the similar vehicles, did a considerable amount of research in comparisons and reviews, and felt that the V was the best for the money and had quite a bit to offer without adding much on. I did choose splash guards, side steps, cargo cover, etc - and found them quite functional so far, besides adding to the appearance. I see that some local folks (SE Pa/South Jersey) in previous posts have not had such great experience with their new V's or with the service dept at dealership. So far so good here.
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    cybernut04cybernut04 Member Posts: 98
    We traded in a '98 Malibu for our '04 CRV EX, and we were happy to be rid of it - it was just starting to fall apart.

    But a word of caution to those looking to buy a CRV -- I don't know how I managed not one but two different test drives and *still* didn't notice, but make absolutely SURE you are comfortable in the front seats.

    Right now I'm exploring local stores that carry lumbar-support car seat inserts and other "add-ons" to make the seat compatible with my lower back. If you're looking at CRVs (in my opinion, an otherwise excellent vehicle), see if you can't get an extended test drive, or test drive several CRVs at different dealers.
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    mariacheriemariacherie Member Posts: 19
    Great suggestion...I just testdrove the 04 V yesterday and as best I could, I tried to pay attention to the level of comfortability while driving...I felt ok... but test drive was probably about 20-30 minutes total with me and my husband both test driving it. Please come back and post any info that you may find on lumbar support inserts or any pillows that may work. But I didn't notice too many problems while test driving it and this is the second one I test drove...the first was an 01 which was horrible.
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    icvciicvci Member Posts: 1,031
    Everyone doesn't have a problem with the seats, mariacherie. I, for one and my wife for two, don't have the slightest problem with them. As a matter of fact, I spent 14+ hours in the drivers seat of our CR-V during a trip to CO last fall. Personally, I wouldn't change a thing. Okay, maybe one thing, the foot room on the passenger side is a bit cramped.

    And a dead pedal would be nice.

    And variable intermitten wipers.

    And a power lock button on both sides.

    But that's it. Nothing else.
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    Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,150
    Let's continue in the active Honda CR-V, since this isn't a future model. Thanks!

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