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Engine will not start, all electricity goes out and key is stuck

outdooraugustaoutdooraugusta Member Posts: 1
edited November 2015 in GMC
I turned the key and i heard several clicks but no start. I tried again, less clicks and no start. I tried again, no clicks and the electricity completely cut off. The key at this point was stuck in the ignition, i could turn it back and forth but could not turn it to the insertion point and remove it. My battery is new but i tried to jump it anyway. When connected to my battery, I touched the positive and negative clips together on the side meant for the other car. Instantly my electricity came back on and i could remove the key. I hooked the cables to the other car and let them sit for a second, tried to start the car and got nothing. When i removed the cables and tried again, the electricity went off again. The second time we hooked up the cables and shocked the system the electricity came back on. I wiggled the automatic shifter and was able to start the car. Drove it home and turned it off and basically repeat everything above except this time when i wiggled the shifter it didn't work. With the electricity back on i was able to put the shifter into neutral but was unable to move the car on flat ground. But then after trying the key again it suddenly cranked up. I drove around a bit and parked it again and it cranked up again. I know this is gonna happen to me somewhere else around town real soon and hope someone may have some opinions. I bought a new ignition switch when i went for a spin, but i have not tried it out yet. Also, when i went to the auto parts store, the reader showed no codes at all. This happened to me a long time ago and it was the battery. Within the past few months i have put in a new battery and also cleaned the throttle body to fix the slow idle speeds and engine stall i was getting after the battery had been replaced. Within a week or so i have replaced the relay switch for the low beams, as they were cutting off when i drove at night. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.


  • tkoopmeinerstkoopmeiners Member Posts: 2
    if You put your key into ignition and your battery is dead the Dealer told me that your key is locked until you get your battery taken care of. This happened to me two days after I got the car. I took the battery out and took it to dealer and got a new battery. 
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