X5 x35d, what can you tell me about them?

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I totaled my car last week so I'm searching for something new(used). On the recommendation of some guys on another car forum I was looking for a CPO X3 when I stumbled on the X5. The diesel is the main thing that piqued my interest. I'm coming from a Jetta Sportwagen TDI, and of course i can't replace it with one of those. My main questions are reliability, drivability, and maintenance. The main reason I was looking at an X3 is because it seems to fit what I am looking for, mid sized SUV with AWD, and mid 20s for fuel economy. The extra towing capacity would be nice. It would allow me to get a travel trailer to pull. I also think the extra room would be nice, I'm 6' tall so rear leg room is usually at a premium behind my seat. The one I'm looking at in particular is a '12 X5 x35d with Premium Package, Premium Sound, Cold Weather Package, and Smart Phone Integration with 29k miles for $42K. I don't plan on paying that much if I buy it, Edmunds True Car Price is about $35K for a CPO.


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    Bummer about the car wreck.

    TMV is updated frequently, but diesel sales for all makes have been hammered, if you can believe the news stories. That may help your bargaining.

    Even though you are shopping CPO, you may want to get your own mechanic to inspect the X5.

    Any X5 owners lurking who can weigh in with their own reliability, drivability, and maintenance experiences?
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