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Buying car out of state

rbirns1rbirns1 Member Posts: 311
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Been looking for a particular used car, and found a match at a dealer 200 miles away. It's a 2014 Audi with 60k miles. It will be driven about 2k miles per year. Intent is to keep it for about 5 years, when it will be 6 years old with more-normal 70k miles. Price is about $5k less than comparable Certified Pre-Owned models (typically off-lease), and it's 2 years newer. It is beyond warranty, though dealer does provide their own short warranty (useless to me thanks to the distance, but a good sign). I figure the $5k saved should more than cover any issues I may encounter. Clean carfax shows only regular dealer maintenance with no accidents, so car is likely in excellent shape.

What issues and strategies should I be considering? Looking for tips on negotiating, inspecting, licensing, insuring, etc. Also, should I bring my existing car to trade? Negotiate that trade first? So many considerations. I have never purchased used or traded a car before.


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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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    How many tips would you like? B)

    100+ Tips for Used Car Shoppers

    I'd like to get a pre-purchase inspection from my own mechanic first. That's doable in another town but it's a bit of a hassle to set up. A good dealer shouldn't mind you shuttling the car to the mechanic and may even be willing to do that for you. Some people will forgo that inspection, thinking that the dealers prep cars better than private sellers and, as in this case, offer a warranty. An inspection will cost you (~$100), but can be cheap insurance.

    Lots of dealers will give you a trade-in quote based on photos. The good ones will honor that quote, assuming everything is as you represent.

    If you can take someone with you (tip number 87, lol), then you could still buy the Audi and manage to get your old car home if you didn't like the trade-in offer and decide to sell it yourself. There may be some tax savings trading your old car in.

    It really helps if you are willing to walk away from the deal at any point. Treat yourself to a nice lunch or dinner and you can call it an educational road trip if you decide not to do the deal.
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