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2007 Impala engine powered reduced and service traction control, also has evaporated emission vent

jlittlelady26jlittlelady26 Member Posts: 1
edited November 2015 in Chevrolet
We got the car in Aug. of this year from Rose City Motors and are already having problems! The engine power reduced and service traction control comes on at same time. When this happens I lose power to the car and am unable to use cruise control. Also have been told that I have codes for evaporated emission vent system leak, valve solenoid malfunction, throttle/pedal position sensor switch "D"/"E". OH and the wipers completely stopped working and my luck when it was pouring rain! Could it be the wiper motor? We bought an additional gap warranty on the car and think some of this should be covered, but am having no luck! If anyone has any suggestions what exactly all this could be would greatly appreciate the input!
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