1989 Honda Accord power steering hose.

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how do you replace power steering hose h.p.


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    Hello! The high pressure hose on a power steering pump is replaced like any other. when the engine is off there is no pressure in the line, be sure to remove and replace the pump cap to allow trapped pressure if any to escape. Use a flare line wrench as the fittings are tight and a regular open end can easily strip the corners off the fitting nut. After replacing the hose the system must be bled. It is not hard to do, but lengthy to explain. Below is an excellent video of how to correctly do this. Good luck.

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    Hello again! Sorry for the confusion, I must have assumed more than I should have. There is no pressure in the system when the pump is not in operation, so you can remove the line without having fluid spray everywhere. You do need to have a drain pan under it to catch what runs out though. The video only covers the bleeding procedure after the line has been changed and the system is free of leaks, and works with any power steering system. As far as step by step procedure to actually remove and replace the line itself, that is only found in a Honda service manual for your model year. However, I was able to find a short description of this procedure and a diagram online, posted below. Hope this helps, and hope someone else will have more information and will post it.

    1. Remove the 2 bolts holding the pressure hose on top of the power steering pump.
    2. Jack up car and place a large drain pan underneath near the steering rack.
    3. Disconnect the electrical connector to power steering pressure switch (blue arrow is power steering pressure switch, which is attached to pressure hose at the other blue arrow). You will re-use the pressure switch, so get a new o-ring; but, remove the switch after you removed the hose.
    4. You may have to remove the brackets (red arrows) holding the rubber bushings attached to the hose.
    5. Then disconnect the pressure hose fitting connected to the steering rack.

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