Buying new 2016 MDX this week. Are these accessories valuable?

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Hi, I'll be buying a new MDX AWD this week. Last minute options offered are below. Would you please comment on whether you feel they are valuable or a dealer add on just to make extra $ so not worth getting?

1. 3M plastic film applied to protect paint against rocks, etc... on hood, door edges, hatch bumper, backs of side mirrors. $600
2. Windshield "Crystal Fusion" on windshield to prevent micro divits on glass from sand, rain and cracks/chips. $400
3. "Auto Butler" wax sealant that's equivalent to a hand wax. $70/application times 10: $700.
4. Numerous extended warranties, some Honda/Acura, some 3rd party. either 7 or 8 year, 100,000 miles or 125,000 miles. From $2500 to $3500.

Any input on these would be much appreciated!


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    Lots of people like the clear bra stuff. It's expensive but $600 sounds high. May want to get another quote.

    I'd wait on the extended warranty to see how the car runs for you under the factory warranty. You can always buy it later if you think you're going to keep the MDX a long time. I'd only consider an Acura warranty at that point.

    The mop and glow stuff is worthless. Maybe worse than worthless if you have some flunky at the dealer applying the wax ten times. I can just imagine the swirl marks made vs paying a pro for a great detail - if you are into keeping your ride shiny, the pro will do a better job because the pro knows you can go find someone else. If you prepay, you're stuck with whatever job the dealer does.

    I never wax my cars, but I drive minivans. The paint holds up fine (I drive them forever) and a flashy minivan isn't going to impress anyone anyway. :)

    The Fusion stuff is funny - next they'll have those screen saver films to apply over the glass (I don't use those on my portable devices either - are you starting to see a pattern here?).

    Congrats on the new ride!
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