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05 Sunfire stalling fixed for zero dollars

sunfiredupsunfiredup Member Posts: 1
edited November 2015 in Pontiac
My 05 Sunbird with ecotech 2.2l and auto trans was stalling when slowing and turning right.( not left strangely) It would be worse when cold outside. Also would stutter badly in reverse barely moving. All of this was intermittent so tough to troubleshoot. No engine light or error codes either. This car sat in a garage for ten years and only had 965 miles on it when we got it a year ago. Now it has 13500. Having sat for so long in an unheated garage the condensation that happens seasonaly with a concrete floor let corrosion get in somewhat. After reading pretty much every post on here i figured my cheapest start point would be to check connections , wires etc. What i found was just tightning the ground from the battery to the block along with a few other more minor ones cleared up the symptoms we had. I read on here that a lot of people spend a lot of money throwing parts at their problems and often not getting a good result after spending a ton of money. My input here would be before you do anything to try to fix a weird electrical / fuel/ who knows what problem ..tighten your grounds up. Bad grounding will cause component failure through the whole car one after another. And now that i know where the problem was i am going to take the connections apart, clean them and reassemble.Each one of mine moved a little bit with a socket wrench on them. The battery to block one turned a good quarter turn. Car fixed... zero dollars spent. I realize i got lucky but maybe you will too.
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