How to re- set keyless entry for 2004 used Lincoln Town Car? No info on that.

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I bought a 2004 Signature Lincoln Towncar. .It only came with one key, and I was not able to get any information on the keyless entry ,when I bought the car from the car dealer..I read all the great solutions by forum members on the problem with water leaking into the rear passenger floor area of the Lincoln Towncars, that is happening with my car too.. So I was hoping someone could answer my question..My husband dropped the only key into the trunk today by accident and even though AAA was able to open it, as soon as they got in to the car.. the alarm system shut everything off and they were unable open the trunk by remote.. they had to take the backseat out to get into the truck to unlock the button on the inside of the trunk.the AAA towdriver recommended to get the keyless entry activated but nobody seems to know how to do that for the second owner after buying the car ...any suggestions please?? thanks, Ully

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    Hello 93tracker5spd....Thank you so much for your fast reply..I really appreciate the information you gave to fix the issue with the key-less entry..epecially that the code might be covered up with tape.... We will check it out tomorrow..again..Thank you so much...Ully
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    Happened to me. Dealer got the code electronically taking a half hour and fifty bucks to do it.
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