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Colorado can't be fixed

bstewart14bstewart14 Member Posts: 1
edited November 2015 in Chevrolet
Chevy dealership is telling me they can't fix my colorado. No code after I spent 1300 trying to fix another code. My truck barely makes it up a hill in the morning. If I don't put the pedal to the floor it won't make it. If it doesn't make the crest of the hill the truck will actually start going backwards. I can no longer let my wife drive this vehicle for fear of her safety. Called gm started a case, they contacted dealership. Aggreed the truck "can't be fixed" and want to give me 2,000 plus my truck towards a new vehicle. My truck has 80,000 miles on it how is it possible they can not fix it. Seems to me they don't give a rats as about me or my family's safety. Then they want to give me 2000 dollars for another vehicle after I spent 1300 doing what they told me with no result. What can I do?
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