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Starting issues/Backup light

montanagalmontanagal Member Posts: 1
edited November 2015 in Buick
Two years ago we replaced the ignition switch, neutral safety switch, ignition tumbler, floor shifter and multi function switch. Finally everything worked! Did not get VAT key from dealer though, so we bypassed security to use blank key sent with new tumbler. Just recently got new VAT key from dealer but it did not turn off the security light. Car began not starting without bypassing security hence the new VAT key. Did not fix problem.
Car will start in neutral after moving shifter from park to neutral a couple of times. Also, a month ago the backup lights quit working. Battery good, fuses good, bulbs good. Tail lights and brake lights work.
The other night as I was driving the ABS indicator light came on as did the Traction Off and check engine light. Did not come on when I resarted car. This is what occurred a couple years ago except for the backup light situation. Could this be the ignition switch again? Is there a separate backup switch?
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