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Sluggish Starting and Climate Control Does Not Always Work

erieshoreserieshores Member Posts: 1
edited November 2015 in Chevrolet
Two things just started happening with our 2014 Equinox (24k miles). We have an appointment at the dealer on Monday, but always looking for some guidance on what the issue may be.

When we start the car it starts, but the starter seems sluggish. It's hard to describe other than being sluggish. It usually starts it just sounds like it is either bogged down or not enough juice in the battery.

About every other time when we start the car the climate control system does not work. You can click the on/off button and nothing lights up. You can adjust the temperature and nothing displays on the navigation screen. It just does not work. If you turn off the car and restart the car the climate control system usually works then.

Any idea what the cause may be?

Not great for a car with 24k miles...
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