2013 Buick Enclave radio

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My radio in my 2013 Buick Enclave premium the radio which also has GPS, the radio is on when i turn the car off but after car has been parked for awhile, You start the car but the radio has turned itself off the only way to get the radio on is to hit the on off button, also sometimes the radio is on but no volume no mater what you do unless you turn the radio off and than back on. Other times it works perfect. Took it to Buick dealer told me they could not make it do that so there was nothing they could do. Like i said it happens maybe a couple of times a week. I could think that a car listed for $53,000 they would be willing to do more than say cant duplicate problem.


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    You may want to contact GM and ask them to open a case. And shooting some video with a camera or smartphone the next time it happens may help too.
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