96 Blazer bogs down

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My 96 blazer Boggs down when I hit the gas from a dead stop. It starts no problem and runs no problem while driving. The idle is choppy and fluctuates while it is sitting. I replaced the fuel pump and distributor. This problem only started after i replaced the catalytic converter. I also replaced the o2 and mass air flow. I removed the exhaust at the y and it still does it.

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  • pepay23pepay23 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks, gonna give it a try tomorrow. I really hope this works because I'm running out of options
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    I'm heading in the right direction. It ran good for a couple days but started acting up a little today. Still running about 80% better than before. It is only giving a little hesitation now when it's cold, after it warms up it doesn't bog down. I think my gas mileage is suffering though. It's only getting about 8 miles a gallon.
  • pepay23pepay23 Member Posts: 4
    Also, the truck idles great now. When I'm at a light you can't even tell it's running
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