Ford Ranger "Thunderbolt"

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Can someone tell me the difference between a normal Ford Ranger and the "Thunderbolt" model they were selling a couple years back. A client of mine bought the Thunderbolt for around $23,000 and 2 Ford dealers told her 3 months later that the truck was just an ordinary Ranger not worth more than $17k. I can't find anything out about this model. Blue Book does not have a separate listing for it, like for example the "Eddie Bauer" edition of the Expedition,etc.


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    a dealer installed tape and graphics package.

    It isn't anything that Ford sponsored - no additional value.
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    Actually, if I remember right, it was a "ship through" option that Ford dealers could put on when they ordered the truck.

    It would be built in St. Paul and then be sent to an upfitter, who put on some FX and trim and such and then sent it on back to Ford for shipping to the dealer.

    Yea, was never "officially" a trim level. Unlike the Tremor or STX
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    a "Special Edition" decal and some aftermarket wheels - looks cool, fools a few people, doesn't add real value.
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    So, can anyone place a dollar value on the options and if I wanted to get more information on this package anyone have an idea who to attempt ot contact at Ford or which group?
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    package by Street Legal Performance (SLP) and it's not a Ford option. A few dealers will carry them - I've seen one locally at a dealer.

    The option packages range between $2500-4000. Resale on a used one would be about $500-1000, depending on the attitude and opinion of the appraiser. ml
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