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I am looking to purchase a certified pre owned Ford Fusion Energi Titanium. I would like to purchase an extended warranty preferably 0 deductible for 5 years 125,000. Anyone have any advice on where to go for the least price or how much I should pay?


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    A "genuine" Ford certified car comes with a 12/12 comprehensive warranty and a 7/100 powertrain warranty.

    If you get another extended warranty right away, you'll be doubling the first year on "everything" and you'll be doubling up on the powertrain for the next ~7 years. Not to mention that the original factory warranty is still in place.

    If you really want an extended warranty for the other bits, check the fine print carefully to see if the electronics, ECUs, etc. are covered. Lots of aftermarket warranty companies have a lousy reputation for coverage and many make it difficult to get work done without pre-approval (while your car sits at the shop for a week...).

    My suggestion is to drive the Fusion for six months before buying any extended warranty. That way, if you wind up with a used lemon, you won't have spent the money on the warranty that may not be refundable.

    I'd start with Ford's PremiumCARE's plan and compare from there. Note that Ford's coverage also excludes coverage of some hi-tech components, but they really don't tell you what those parts are. Their ExtraCARE plan is 8/150. The brochure is fuzzy but it appears that you can buy the Ford plan any time, so long as the original factory warranty is in effect.
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    Thank you so much for your comment. I'm concerned because I put around 30,000 miles per year on the car. If you are familiar with the fusion energi, do you think this car is capable of lasting 150,000 miles without issues? I am able to get a 2013 with 15,000 miles on it for less than a new Prius.
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    Not really but most any car will get to 150,000 these days without too many problems. I drive mine forever and it looks like the sweet spot is around 175,000. I put 200k on my last van and kept it a year too long. Currently driving a used Grand Caravan and they aren't compared to, say, a Lexus, for reliability. It's chugging right along at 157,000, but I do plan to upgrade in a few months.
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