Scraping sound coming from under front of vehicle while driving over bumps/uneven pavement.

tarah78tarah78 Member Posts: 1
edited November 2015 in Toyota
I just bought this 2001 toyota sequoia and noticed last week it was making this scraping sound( sounds like metal on metal) while going over bumps especially over speed bumps or uneven pavement. I have never driven a large SUV like this so wasn't sure what this could be? The brakes have also been squeaky but mostly while backing up or down the driveway, not sure if these 2 problems are related but before buying the vehicle it had a clean carfax report and a one owner history so I thought it should be pretty safe as far as reliability goes. Any suggestions on what this could possibly be would be really appreciated as I only have until Saturday to change my mind & return this vehicle! Thanks:)
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