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2004 Lincoln Navigator suspension question

stephiegurlstephiegurl Member Posts: 2
edited November 2015 in Lincoln
Ok so I have a 2004 Lincoln Navigator, about a month ago the light for the air compression came on to check it, a few days later the front left side was on top of tire. I had googled it and thought it was a Height Sensor. Took it to a local mechanic (live in a small town) they couldn't figure it our, was able to get it lifted again and then it would drop again. He thought maybe something to do with a rod sensor but to take to a dealer. Problem was I live an hour from a dealer and didn't want to drive it that far. So it has been sitting. Talked to another mechanic that has one and he said it was the air bag and suggested I convert to regular struts. My question is has anyone had this issue and converted to struts and the issue is taken care of? And also has anyone done it themselves, is it relatively easy if you know how to work on cars?


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