Anyone shopping for a 2004 Tundra Double Cab?

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Buying experience or test drive reactions


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    Thinking about it. I haven't looked very hard. I live in the DC/Baltimore region and did not have any in their inventory. Haven't called around yet. Do look nice! Are they on the lots yet?
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    I am also from the DC/Baltimore area, and would like to find a dealer that has an inventory. Visted Darcars of Silver Spring where they had one. A salesperson told me he would call me on Monday, but I have yet to hear from him. I am looking elsewhere.
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    They must have just got 'em as they weren't on there earlier in the week but they are now. One Limited and two SR5. Edmunds states that there is 2.9%, 60 month financing on these until 21-1. Would like to call a dealer and see if this is true.
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    Can I assume that the double cab isn't moving very well or that the possible owners aren't web enabled?
    I have to admit that hearing "rumors" that a heavy duty Tundra (maybe double cab) will becoming out in MY 2005 (October '04?) I would wait for that too.
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    2.9% financing does not include the new double cabs.
          : )
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    Are the double cabs moving pretty well in your area? Even without the 2.9% financing?
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    04 D-cab Salsa Red, like it a lot. Dealer said that they had sold around 10 in the last two weeks. Dealer had several on the lot, including Ltds and SR5s, 2WD and 4WD.
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    Hi folks. I currently am leasing an F150 supercab, and my lease is up in mid April. I started looking into a replacement, and from these message boards figured I would end up with a Titan. I drove both a Titan and F150 supercabs, then almost as an afterthought drove a Tundra doublecab. It blew me away. The fit and finish was great! It drove better than either the Ford or the Titan, and now I want to know what people are paying for them at this time. Is invoice realistic, or will it be necessary to wait a while?
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    Love it! I bought the Salsa Red Double Cab Limited loaded.

    Jimbob - Invoice was realistic in my case. Cash deal, no trade. In fact, due to a dealer error, I got it for less than invoice.
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    Cojack - That's great to hear. Congratulations! I ordered one with a guarantee of no more than $300 over invoice, so any ammunition (information) I can gather about invoice prices will help my case in three to four months when my truck comes in. Would you mind sharing the details of what city and state you are in, and what dealership you bought from? Thanks in advance for the info.

    I also loved the Salsa Red, but as my last two were red, it was my second choice, and I went with the white.

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    I live in Ormond Beach Florida and all Toyota dealerships get their vehicles through Southeast Toyota. I went into the local dealerships and found the Tundra I wanted in their new vehicle search. This shows all Toyotas (There were 125 Tundra Limited Double Cabs), how they are equipped, their MSRP and heir availability. I was able to get the interim VIN and asked for their best price for that specific Tundra. It turned into a bidding war between six dealerships and Lighthouse Toyota in St Augustine beat everyone else. They were exceptionally easy to work with and all paper work was completed via fax. Probably my best new vehicle buying experience ever! Hope this helps.
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    That is a great story. It combines the best of being a smart consumer and the power of the internet. By the way, were you compelled to pay an advertising fee? I am looking at paying 2% for an advertising fee, which I understand is assessed on all Toyotas, but in varying amounts depending upon the zone. Is that true for your deal too?

    And thanks again for the information. It is very helpful.

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    I just got mine. Had to get rid of the mini van because my dogs out grew it. It's a smooth ride for a truck and plenty of room for passengers. I'm on the west coast, San Francisco area. Didn't shop around much because it was hard to find dealerships with D cabs on hand. Remember edmunds includes the Toyota hold back $579 plus wholesale financial reserve $289 in their invoice listings. I paid $250 over "invoice." I bought a "base model" SR5. The accessory package was the smallest I could find which included the following; all weather guard pkg, keyless entry, privacy glass, towing pkg, floor mats, auto dimming mirror for a total accs invoice price of $841. So far dealer cost for truck is $25352 + 841 = 26193. Then you can add in dest charge $540 + TDA $507 + $6 Gas + Dealer holdback $579 + Whole fin resv $289 + my offer $250 = $28364. It's up to you to decide if you're happy or savy enough to pay over the true invoice or the inflated invoice with the Dealer holdback and WFR. Shop around there should be more available now.
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    I went to the dealership yesterday just to look around, and they didn't have much in stock; I am in northern NJ. I just hate the idea of spending 40K for a truck with everything I want in it, I could save some cash by going with the Tacoma double cab, but I wonder if I am going to want more room down the road.

    Anyone here have a Tacoma and moving up to the Tundra?
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    I guess Toyota feels that you had also better own a flatbed trailer if you buy their trucks because there is only room in their pickup beds for the wife to carry a few bags of groceries. But the fit and finish of that cute little bed is impeccable, though...
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    When I was test driving trucks, I took out a Tacoma 4x4 king cab(?)and a Tundra 4x4 supercab(?). The Tundra was a comfortable truck with a good ride but the seating postion seemed a bit low. The tacoma had a harsh bouncy ride and I did not get more than a mile from the dealer and turned back.

    If ride is critial to you, the Tundra would be a better choice
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    I recently ordered a 2004 double-cab 4x4 tundra limited model with leather pkg, heated leather seats, towing package, rear audio controls, color-keyed running boards, moonroof, all weather package, over head console package, limited slip differential, every option you could possible get besides the rear DVD system ($1770), the sticker was over $38,000, I ordered this truck to my exact specifications and the final price of the truck was a mere $34,800 after destination charges and all from my local dealer, I called 10 or so different toyota dealers within a 100 mile radius from where I live and every salesman told me they could not meet or beat this price, and they all said that they are getting sticker price out of them. I done my homework and shopped around on edmunds and a few others to get invoice pricing and such. When I went to the dealership in my area, I sat down with him and told him what I wanted and how much I was willing to pay. less than a minute later, they said it was a done deal, I put $500 down and it is expected to be here in April. After taxes, tile, license, extended warranty and all the final price minus my undetermined down payment was $36,351. I feel very good about this deal, and if I had not done my homework, i would be paying this price or more without all the other closing deal costs.
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    Any Texas buyers getting invoice pricing from Gulf States Toyota distribution dealers? Also whats the gas mileage like on the 4x2 DC? I just narrowed the field to the Titan and the Toyota DC.
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    Anyone have this on their Tundra? How is it?
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    Be sure to doublecheck your sales contract. My husband negotiated a price with this dealer and wrote everything down regarding options, etc. He had the salesperson re-iterate one by one. Lo and behold when the contract was written up, two options disappeared....We have since found out that an extended family member of ours also had problems with this dealer.
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    Test drove the DC over the weekend. Dealer had only a TRD version. Is the ride any different on the non TRD's? If not, then what is the value of opting for the TRD package? Thanks!
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    Hi there,
    I'm in the process of buying a dcab limited in southern California. I really wanted the overhead console that displays outside temp and compass, but the dealer told me this is not available yet. I know this is available in Texas though, so now I'm considering buying out-of-state. Anyone out there knows if this is true and if so are there regions closer to San Diego where I will get this option?

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    I'm searching for a LTD DC with VSC. Is this a hard option to come by in the northeast? Most limiteds that I'm coming across only have limited slip diff and not VSC.
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    Just thought I would let you all know that Toyota is offering a low 1.9% for 60 months on the Double Cab 2004, yes I said Double Cab.
    But it ends tomorrow. I have one on order and is scheuled to be in around April. I sure hope this pops up again.
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    Wow! 1.9% for 60? Where is that??
  • prozacaddictprozacaddict Member Posts: 32
    It should be everywhere, I found it on a Toyota website, I called my dealer, and he said yes it was true. My truck is due in in April, he said he will find out today (monday) when it is expected to arrive and they may pssible be able to lock me into the 1.9% APR. It was for the month of January only. My wife said she saw a DC commercial on the TV and it said 0% for 60 months? I duno, but after I post this, I am going to surf the web to see if this is true, I will keep you posted.
    By the way, what %APR did you get?
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    My apr was 4.3 for 60 months. I called the dealer I purchased from, and they said they hadn't heard that (hmmmm). Anyway, I guess it was all too late for me. I think Capital One and E-Loan rates are 4.29 for 60 months.
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    You can go to, and pick your state and it tells you the APR and incentives for that area, I thought it was universal, but it is zoned for certain area. Anyway, with my excellent credit, they told me it would be about 4% for 60 and 4.5 for 72 months. On the website, it says it excluded DC, but the dealership reassured me that it ended 01-31-04. I am going to watch this and they are going to try to pro-rate me if the interest pops up again.
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    0.0% APR on 2003/2004 Toyota Camry, Matrix, Corolla, 4Runner, Tacoma and Tundra (excl. Double Cab)
    Click the link above for details

    3.9% APR on 2003/2004 Toyota Sequoia esults
    Click the link above for details
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    Your right, it does exclude Double cabs now, but for the month of January, it was 1.9% on Double cabs. I went to the dealer and they said it was right, now this was in WV, so it varies from region to region. I have a DC on order and they were checking on the status of my order to see what status it was in, so they could pro-rated me a little, but unfortunately, it was not ready yet. But it was 1.9% for 60 months. I was almost tempted to buy one from the lot at the time since it was so low APR, but only one of them were Limited and it did not have all the options as the one I ordered.
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    Hi All,

    I have been informed, and have had confirmed that the actual price of the Tundra Double door with NO extras is $22,463. Then come the 'standard extras: CK, PG, TO, KE, ST or what have you. Then you add in the hold back, the doc fees, and whatever else they nickel and dime you on. Mine included TO, LD, KE, JZ, PG, CK, ST. I paid 25,500 + TTL. The best price I could find, with the least amount of standard extras I didn't want. And I am very, very pleased with this truck!!
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      I, too, got a good deal on a 2WD Double Cab.($25,100). I wonder what I could have negotiated if my wife would have not been with me? (although she might have been my luck charm) So far I a very pleased as well. Now I am trying to save for a bedliner and keyless entry. Looks like you got a keyless. I am hoping to get a spray in liner first. My only complaint is the looks of my stander tires/steel wheels. Enjoy your Tundra.
  • prozacaddictprozacaddict Member Posts: 32
    I recently received my ordered DC Limited 4x4, the MSRP was $37,600, I got the truck for a bottom dollar of $34,400. It has leather, heated seats, skid plate, 17 inch alloys, wood-grain dash kit, rear audio controls, moonroof, towing package, limited slip diff., carped floor mats, accessory package, all weather package, overhead console package with homelink system, and color keyed running boards.
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    Any news or rumors for a larger engine in the near future for the double cab?
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    Just bought a 2004 on Monday, March 31. Total cost was 28995 (including tax, tags and title) from Fred Anderson Toyota. A little bit of a drive for us, but they definitely gave us the best deal around. Truck, has moonroof, floor mats and normal extras. Seems to be doing really, really well. It rides with quite a bit of comfort.
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    I bought a DC Ltd 2WD yesterday.
    Options are: Leather, 6 Disc changer, Heated seats, towing package, running board, LSD, overhead console, running lights for 29,000 at toyota of El Cajon and 2.9 % for 60 months.
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    A reporter is looking to interview folks who have recently bought vehicles for terms of 60 months...would you be willing to be interviewed? If so, please contact me at [email protected] with your phone number asap, by Wednesday May 18 at the very latest. I'll make it worth your while with a free t-shirt. Thanks for your consideration.
    Very best,
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    What trim level and accesories did you get for that price? What APR did you get by the way?
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    I live in the Los Angeles area and I'm very interested in the Ltd. 2wd DC Tundra. I'm trying to stay under $29k.I love bells & whistles like the next person but I hate the option packages given.They are too pricey,it seems and some options I wouldn't even use.Doesn't Toyota let you choose whatever you want? And what happened to the color BLUE,why is this not available?

    Does anyone have any tips?
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    BLUE - Because it's ugly and nobody buys them.
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    go to:
    - build and price your tundra
    - pick the model you want

    it will show you the packages available. This are the same exact packages you will see in the dealerships.
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