Infiniti G35x - Radio issues

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Hello. I have a problem with my audio in Infiniti G35x 2004 sedan. First of all it doesent find any radio station, it keep on seeking without ending. I dont know about tape but CD is the only thing thats working but still not as it suppose to. The CD starts working after i switch ignition but the audio quality is terrible, it gets better after starting the engine. But thats not everything, the audio quality gets really bad randomly, sometimes it is like that from the beggining, sometimes it gets bad after the car makes a little hop or when i touch it, but it also happen just by itself. It gets better after I tap or punch the radio panel. I triend to dissemby and put it back into one piece, i checked the wires but it didnt help. The wierd thing I found out is that my voltage meter shows a little voltage on the radio casing and a little bit on the car body. The car was a bit damaged in the rear so the window could be replaced, I bought it like that so i dont know what was done, and as far as I know the antenna is located in the rear window.
Does anyone know what can be the issue?
Do you guy have a diagram where the antenna wire goes? I would also be grateful for a diagram with all the radio plus wires voltage sa I could chcech if everyting is alright over there.


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454 has free wiring diagrams. may help too.
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    Thank you for the links, but to be honest it did not help me :(
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    Yeah, you have a weird one there with the CD working but nothing else. The speaker wiring could be a whole separate issue.

    Did you search youtube?
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    I did but did not find the same issue. Its really annoying.
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    Not having tunes (or scratchy ones) would drive me nuts. The youtubes had some posted by repair shops, but maybe a local stereo shop would give you some free advice.

    A dealer fix is crazy expensive per this CarGurus thread (you've probably already read that too).

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