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    How can I change the rear/front differential oil by myself?

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    Here's a pic and some info from what may be a commercial shoot of the next generation Tucson. html

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    Does anyone have a ballpark date on when the updated Hyundai Tucson will be available in the US? Also, will the new body style be listed as 2010 model or 2011 model? I have seen pics of the new Tucson and there is a lot I like about it, but I am having a hard time figuring out when it might be available. I have talked to a few dealers over the last few days and there hasn't been much consistency. Some say they don't know, one said a month or two, one said probably several months, and one said he had two or three 2010 models on the lot, which seems bogus. I'd like to consider the new model but not sure I want to wait a long time for it. Does anyone know? Thanks.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Member Posts: 804
    Here is a link to the official info on the new Tucson. Enjoy! ;)

    Near the end is the info you are looking for...

    Mass production of the Tucson started at the Ulsan factory for the United States market in October 2009 with sales starting in December 2009. - Tucson/Press_Release.asp
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    1970 Tucson GLS 4cyl Automatic 16K miles. So for so good - absolutely no problems with this car. Underpowered but that is no surprise as it uses the same engine as my Elantra and weighs 500 lbs more. We don't live in a hilly area so that is not a big problem. Gas mileage is about 28 mpg on the interstate on cruise. I expect much worse around town but have never calculated it.
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    I did a search for the same thing found a couple that might work i just did a search for keyless remote programming, I recently bought a used 06 tucson that they did not have remotes for, and my dealer wants 155 for the remote plus another 25-55 to program it which is a lot of b.s let me know how it goes for you, im gonna keep looking into it
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    Would really like to get the 2011 Tuscon "limited" . BUTTTTT... I would like to switch out the tire and wheels from the GLS.on it instead of the lower radius tires "forced upon you" tires on the limited. Does anyone know what type of problems that might be in the sense of speedometer and or computer calculations. The GLS has 17inch P225/60.
    The Limited has 18inch P225/55
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    I've read the posts about the 2005, 2006 and 2012 battery problems with the Tucson. Mine is a 2010. I left it for 14 days while on vacation and forgot to have it started, my fault. Then I left it for 7 days and had to have it jumped. The dealership said it was because of all the electronics, computers, etc. but it is only a GLS. But I listened to them. This time I was away for 6 days and the lights came on, but the battery only clicked, I had it jumped! I never, ever have had a problem with any other car regarding time away and dead batteries. From the posts I see, I should have the driver's door connections checked, the radio connections checked and perhaps the mirror connections? Anything else? I want to be armed (not literally) when I take this back to the dealership. What else should I do? ThanksQ
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    I recently wrote about my battery going dead after 14, 7 and 6 days. I had taken the vehicle to Hyundai and they found nothing wrong after the 1st two times. I recently took it back after this third incident and armed with my knowledge of "mirror, master door lock, or radio" problems and "TaDa" it was the mirror problem. It seems that the service department was "unaware" of this problem, but fortunately for me a salesman walked by and then another and they mentioned knowing of all three problems. I can also tell you that when I hooked up my garage door opener to the mirror I could only get the door to open, but not close once I was in the garage.
    Now after the "fix" I can also get the garage door to close. So, perhaps this can be an indication for future Tucson owners who cannot get the door to close, that they have a wiring problem in the mirror!!!!!!!! I also have to say that the dealership was not nice about this problem and I intend to write to Hyundai about them. Thanks for all your help! pk
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    I have had my 2010 for a bit over 2 years. In that time I have had 4 warranty issues. It took 2 months to get a new backup camera shortly after I leased the vehicle, and a week to get a new AC compressor a week ago. The dealer would not provide a loaner, as I bought at another dealer. Calling Hyundai was a waste of time.

    In all the cars we have owned in recent years I have not had that number of warranty issues in the first 2 years, and never had to wait a week for a part. That includes Land Rovers, Volvos, an Audi, Toyota and more.

    The car is OK. For a $29 K car, it is really over priced, and if you can not get parts in a day, the warranty if worthless in my view. :mad:
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    New 2013 Tuscon and went to check the mats yesterday. Found that they were not snapped / locked in place. Reason being is that the carpeting has round pegs, while the mats have rectangular holes ! Can not put a round peg into a rectangle ! Wondering if anybody has had this same problem ? Wondering if Hyundai has given us the wrong mats ? Even the owners manual states for safety, they should snap into place.

    Any help or advise is greatly appreciated.
  • pkhammerpkhammer Member Posts: 3
    Wow, don't get so defensive. I'll bet a lot of people don't own a 2013 car, so
    they didn't answer. My 2010 mats are fine. But don't knock the system, I
    got an answer to the problem of my battery always going dead. A lot of people gave plenty of advice because they had similar problems. Good luck on future questions, and lighten up!
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    I have been having a problem with my car since last December. It wouldn't start...did nothing! Turned the key and nothing. Call the tow truck, he got in the car and clicked the lock/unlock on the key several times and the car started. OK....a week later it didn't start...I tried that and nothing. The tow truck came and towed it to the dealership. It started....they said it was a short between starter and battery. It worked fine all winter and all summer. Two weeks ago, it did it again.....two hours later it started. I had it checked out a few days later and they found nothing wrong. Friday it did it again....this time it got towed and wouldn't start when it got there (Finally)...they said it was a dead cell in the battery. They replaced the battery...and now the next won't start!!! Has anyone had a similar problem? I think they're at a loss as to what's going on!!!!
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