2016 BMW 535XI

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Leased 2016 BMW 535I XDrive Sedan
MSRP $63,945 - includes Cold Weather package, Driver Assistance & Premium package
Color: Space Gray
36 month lease 10K miles per year
$4,365 down - includes first month payment of $625
$625 per month - includes - excess wear & tear up to $7,500 allowance when returning the vehicle.
Total cost: $26,240

I heard BMW hits you hard at lease turn-in so wear & tear option was important. No allowance in lease unlike some others.


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    I don't like to lease especially shelling out 27k to give back vehicle. Are you aware if your vehicle is stolen or totaled in accident you lose the initial down payment money of almost 4k

    I'm aware by paying down you lower your payment .I know of friends over the years who eat it with the upfront money (5k, 6k ). That's a no no in leasing. Roll all fee's, taxes into 36 months so if above scenario happen you lose nothing except shopping for a new vehicle .

    All leases through BMW Financial comes with GAP insurance to cover the difference between the payoff and value of the car.

    Test drove your vehicle 2 weeks ago.............. Sweet ride.

    Love the space gray color. Enjoy it but keep in mind what I posted about accidents and totaling vehicle for future leases.

    Good luck

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2012 MB ML350

  • brian125brian125 New York Member Posts: 5,243
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    Thanks Brian. I was aware of this, but choose to do the deal this way. Once it was fully negotiated the dealership was prepared to do whatever I wish, but I do believe I saved on interest this way.
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    Post back to me in 1or 2 months with this vehicles performance, steering, suspension with driver assit. pk on rough roads and your overall thoughts of this 5er.................... The 555i or Audi S6 may be my next car replacement next year going into (2017) I'm still really enjoying my 2013 429 h/p R-spec Genesis sedan w/ only 12k on the clock.

    Good luck enjoy

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2012 MB ML350

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