Head Gasket AGAIN

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Hey, guys, this is second time that this happened to me.
I used to happy owner of Integra with 220,000 of mileage.
Couple of months back, I replaced CV axle and MTF in tranny. On the two hour long trip, I noticed my engine was overheating. I stopped my car, let it cool and refill it with water. I unscrew the radiator cap(carefully) I and noticed that small bubbles were coming up.
I rented a block tester from Autozone and discovered that these bubbles are exhaust gases.
So I ordered Japanese head gasket and bolts kit http://www.ebay.com/itm/400631531210 and took the head to machine shop to check for cracks. Me and my buddy had rebuild everything back to how it was.

Car ran like a dream for about a months. However, about two weeks ago I noticed that car would start up with more hesitation(3-4 cycles before it would actually start after keyturn). About a week ago I noticed that engine would also start somewhat rough. It all culminated when I was stuck yesterday with plumes of white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe. The engine shook violently as if was running on one cylinder. It wouldn’t hold idle either.
Then today engine would start normal, however, I didn’t drive it anywhere. I didn’t want to risk. The white smoke was still coming from the pipe.
Sparkplus: #1 and #2 looked cleaner than ashy #3 and #4.
I tested a sample of oil from the engine. I put several drops of oil on the aluminum foil and put a lighter under it. Oil began to splatter indicating that the was water in the oil. I also noticed that every time I shut down my engine, I hear hissing noise for another 5 seconds after engine is completely off.

So at this point I am baffled. I am not sure what to do. I am thinking about replacing the all the injectors to test the theory that old injectors would leak and destroy head gasket while car is parked. I am not really aware of any leaks from my injectors.

I am preparing to reorder the $100 gasket kit and take the head by the machine shop again(another $100).
I will take any advices to help me to troubleshoot this issue
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