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Buy 16 RX 350 or 16NX or RDX or Lease Them

carguy213carguy213 Member Posts: 44
edited November 2015 in Lexus
I have a 12 RX350 lease of which will expire in a month . After the lease is over either I can lease another Lexus (RX or NX) or get a different brand. Have few options here :-

a) Test drove NX nice small SUV and it comes out to be 5k cheaper then RX but its hard to get the price down as they don't sell that many and there aren't that many incentives on them.
b)16 RX 350 just came out didn't drive it yet so not sure what incentives it has as this just came out.
c) Drove RDX with advance , little bigger than NX and comes loaded with all the options .

Does anyone has the new RDX or new NX and how they like it ..
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