Rear defroster

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I am workin on my wife's 93 se pathfinder...this project is fur the rear defroster...the light comes on when you push the button on the dash...but the rear defroster still don't work...can I test this with a meter some how...any ideas why its not workin...thank you...


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    Any boddie...
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    Can you test this with a meter? Yes you can. Any idea's why it isn't working? Most likely an open in the circuit.
    Where? That's what the testing will prove. With an open circuit there will be no current flow so battery voltage will be measurable right up to the point that the circuit is open, and it will be 0v after that. High resistance will have battery voltage up to the point that the circuit has high resistance and then lower after it, but not all the way to 0v depending on how much current is still flowing.

    A common failure point is the harness for the tailgate since the wires have to bend each time the window or gate is opened. There are more locations that the circuit could fail, that's why you need to follow a good routine. By doing that you can find the problem no matter where it s at.
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    Thank you cardoc...I did test where it connects to the window and got 0v...I know I will need to test other places too...thank you fur your input...
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