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Lexus...General Information

researcher8researcher8 Member Posts: 9
edited November 2015 in Lexus
Mileage: 111,207...Bought @92,000 Miles. Replaced Timing Belt; water pump & radiator since both had a tiny leak.
Just replaced both front axles since the rubber commenced to leak grease. Love the SUV! Have driven it on 1,000 miles one - 20 MPG and City/Highway...mostly city in steep hills = 18 MPG except on long trips gets 19.0 driving in 70 MPH areas of interstates.
Ride: Smooth Highway/Street.
Engine: Strong and consistent.
AWD: Never used in 4X4. I do no off road.
Problem: With the first cold snap, the air pressure sensor light continues to blink. I checked the air pressure and upped it to 35 and put 38 in the spare. The pressure light continues to blink. Anyone have a solution for this?
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