Aftermarket Source for a Limited Slip Differential

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I am currently in the process of purchasing a new 2003 Nissan Frontier 4X2 pickup off a dealer lot. The vehicle does not have a limited slip differential. The vehicle has a 3.3 V-6 with a manual 5 speed transmission. Any suggestions??


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    have you heard of nismo? nismo is nissan's line of performance factory parts. i believe they offer a limited slip diff for several models including the frontier. just ask your dealer if they sell nismo parts, or go to and look up the nismo parts catalog and dealers. it will probably be pricey like 800$ or something. if you want a discount, courtesy nissan in texas offers a 25% parts discount over the phone that will likely beat any other dealer parts counter, but you'll have to pay freight. good luck. did you get a good deal on your frontier???
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    I did find on the internet a source in Canada called Off-Road & Sport Trucks Unlimited. ( They sell a unit called the ARB - Air Locker. I would like to find a source in the USA to get a price and additional information. Nissan has tested this unit on 4X4 off-road vehicles. Any feed back would be appreciated.
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    That ARB unit is a nice one. You'll most likely never reach its full potential in that truck. However, are you looking for a unit that works automatically? If so, then the ARB is not for you. That unit has to be manually switched from "open" to "locked." Personally, I prefer the manual lockers to the automatic ones. As there are times when you want it to stay locked and other times when you don't. With the automatic one, you don't have a choice. I've had trucks with automatic lockers. Believe me, they're no fun driving on ice with the rearend locked.
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