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No map updates (Navteq/Denso) available despite Mazda website saying otherwise

bmichelbmichel Posts: 7
edited August 2016 in Mazda
The maps on the SD card are dated 2014Q2 per the Mazda toolbox (used for updating maps). The toolbox app tells me there are no available updates. The official Mazda website states that maps are available free for three years and updated twice a year. Repeated inquiries to their customer service netted that there are no maps available now that are more recent but one is supposedly in final QC from Mazda. So for now I need to use maps that are 18 months old.

The actual navigation software is quite good although I have found a few minor quirks (head unit updated to version 55)

It is strange that there have not been a lot of prior complaints on this. It took e-mails containing webpage images and several phone calls to get to the point of them admitting that despite there being a page saying there was an April 2015 update, ( none existed for me.


  • carboy21carboy21 Posts: 760
    edited November 2015
    After market Navigation with Garmin or iPhone or Google Maps is better if you can forego the convenience of a built-in Nav screen. I recently bought a 2015 Hyundai Elantra Limited specifically without the option of Navigation and Moonroof which are bundled together. I am happy with my iPhone Navigation.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited November 2015
    Sure, but that's not what the OP paid for.

    Somewhere there's a class action lawyer's software program skimming forums and Facebook feeds for potential causes of action. So in five years, maybe owners will get a $20 coupon toward the latest update (which, naturally, will still be a couple of years old).

    So much ill will is generated by the manufacturer's built-in nav, you'd think they'd try to catch up a bit, or just cave and go with CarPlay or similar.

    Meanwhile, maybe file an online complaint with the FTC for false advertising? After all, they do such a great job with the Do Not Call list. :'(
  • To update: as of December 3 there is an update. Update went as expected. However, the map is designated as 2015Q2, so still behind the curve. Still does not excuse the earlier obfuscation or confusion about the availability of the updates. I really like the interface and features.
  • bmichelbmichel Posts: 7
    So much for an update every six months. Told last month by Mazda that an update to the December 2015 version was imminent.

    My point to Mazda corporate customer support was that they clearly state on their website that I get three years of twice yearly updates, so there is an element of incompetence and/or false advertising with whomever is actually doing the updates. They could be open to legal action. All I want is my update.

    I still like the navigation and hope the few quirks detected would be eliminated.
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