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Electrical System & Remote access issues

austin93austin93 Member Posts: 1
edited November 2015 in Saab
Car sometimes won't respond to two different remotes. Use key to open....if battery not dead. Have had to "Break IN" once (legally) and jump start car after long sit. One other jump start after overnight sit.
Get warning key not in slot and system turned on even though key physically in place. Also warning steering locked. Occasional warning 3rd brake light inop but can see working. Radio/CD player has failed to come on at start couple times. Comes on later. See mileage numbers in speedo after car locked manually. Think that is part of battery drain. Something is "ON" all night that shouldn't be.
Contacting dealer Mon AM but likely not under extended warranty. Suspect some type of central "brain box" problem, probably costly.
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