2016 Acura TLX 2.4 L 8 Speed or 3.5 L 9 Speed Transmission

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I'm now the fence! I'd really like to get a TLX V6 but I'm really fearful of getting a bad ZF 9 speed transmission so I'm wondering if the 2.4 would work for me just for the sake of a reliable transmission. Has anyone driven both? Did the ZF work when you drove it? I didn't drive the 2.4 so I'm curious what others think of it. Does it produce enough power for regular driving? I know the 3.5 is a great engine because I have one now in my Accord but I don't live close to a Acura dealership so running the car back frequently for transmission work could be a real deal breaker! So if you've driven both or even just the 2.4, please let me know how you feel about the engine power and possibly the ZF 9 speed!


  • oracle_of_rockoracle_of_rock Member Posts: 58
    Well, I purchased in Acura TLX V6 w/advanced package yesterday. Drove it about 100 miles home and it seems very well built and the 9 speed transmission wasn't anymore quirky than in the 14 Accord Touring 6 speed I traded in. Almost 40 mpg driving at about 55 to 60 mph. Tach read about 1,500 rpms all the way home. I'm very pleased with my purchase.
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