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2006 Dakota Quad Cab - Electrical Issues

lwhood1220lwhood1220 Member Posts: 1
edited November 2015 in Dodge
Very sporadic for the last several years, wipers will not run on all speeds, wipers will be set on slow intermittent then suddenly run as fast as possibly with no adjustment of controller, blinkers will be working normally then suddenly blink very fast in no set pattern then very slow with no adjustment to controller, radio has increased volume suddenly with no adjustment to volume. Truck will go for long stretches with none of these problems then start again. No recognized pattern regarding weather (rain). Also, steering wheel gradually develops more and more play and has to be tightened under steering column occasionally.

Today and for the first time, while running approximately 70 mph on expressway, the truck suddenly lost power; coasted to a stop, put in Park, turned ignition off, turned ignition on but as soon as I let go of key, it went dead. Turned ignition on again while giving gas and kept it revved up and it stayed on. No more of this issue yet today. It started fine first thing this morning and has started fine since losing power so I wouldn't think battery/alternator are suspect.

Thanks for any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting this issue.
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