Why is my truck making a grinding sound?

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Couple days ago, My right tire was curb checked because of a patch of black ice. A couple days pass with nothing to alarming coming up until today when i was hitting about 35 and my right tire began to pull me to the right and the grinding began. This truck is a 1996 Ford Ranger sitting on some pretty big tires, as i had bought it like that from an action. What could be the main cause of the grinding and what do i expect to tell the mechanic when i have to go get it repaired?

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    I guess the grinding could be a wheel bearing. That could explain the noise and pulling to the right I suppose. Think about what could be causing the pull. Out of alignment from the curb check. A dragging brake. Any time I've had a wheel bearing go bad, I'd get noise, but never any pull from it that I really noticed, but I suppose if it was bad enough (and you'd KNOW from the level of the noise) it could cause a pull.

    Since you mention it's sitting on some pretty big tires, is it an AWD/4WD? The grinding noise could be associated with an axle.

    Since you're going to tell the mechanic what happened and when the symptoms started, I'm thinking they'll diagnose it pretty fast.
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