Car rolled away! Key comes out when not in PARK. Shift interlock? Ignition switch?

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Automatic car was "parked", turned off.
Key removed, though it was not in P.
Emergency brake works and applied, but may not have been applied all the way.

Rolled back across the low low grade parking lot and our white car bumped a ... black porsche!
Doesn't appear to be any damage other than paint smudge/transfer from the bumper.

Normal safety feature where the car needs to be in Park before the Key comes out isn't working properly.

Any advice on how to fix this? If possible myself?

Is this something I can get the MFG to pay for?

It's not under warranty.

It's under a 3 yr power train warranty, but pretty sure at best this is a only related to a transmission issue, not directly a transmission issue.

No recalls as of now for this on my vehicle.

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!


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    Year? Model?
  • carlsbadtimmcarlsbadtimm Member Posts: 4
    Having difficulty posting on this forum. Oops!

    2011 Jetta

    thank you!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    I'm not a mechanic but it reminds me of a VW Bus I once had in the 70s - you could pull the key out in any position. Makes me think yours is also a bad ignition key cylinder. Got a different key you can play with?

    Meanwhile, don't be like me - start using the parking brake. :)
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