1999 Jeep Cherokee, 4.0 Cranks but, trys to start, but, misses and stalls

stone322stone322 Member Posts: 1
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Was running fine. Went on the highway, and it started to miss at speed, or under acceleration. Limped home. Engine stumbling and missing. Now on restart attempt, engine starts, but stalls immediately, or stutters and stalls.
Fuel pump DOES run, when ignition switched on. Rail DOES have pressure when first checked, but, does not appear to be maintaining pressure. It seems like the pump only runs when first switched on. Checked, and swapped out relay as precaution, no difference. OBD only indicates 'random misfire' cylinders 1 & 4 (301 & 304 code)
Recent replacement of crank position sensor


  • tonka858tonka858 Member Posts: 112
    Sounds like the sensor at the top of the tranny bell housing, Held in by 2 torx bit bolts.
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