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Speakers on CX-5

sangusgsangusg Member Posts: 1
edited December 2015 in Mazda
Does CX5-2016 Touring comes with default speaker or I should opt for Bose package ~$1500 worth.
How about buying speaker separately and installed on CX-5 . how much will that cost so that I can opt out of Bose package


  • bimmerdreamerbimmerdreamer Member Posts: 6
    I've read in various reviews that even the Bose speakers are lackluster. I'm also interested in knowing the feasibility of installing better speakers through a third party, but I'm sure this would be expensive... anyone have experience with this?
  • tigerheeltigerheel Member Posts: 18
    always opt out of the sound packages - find a local place with good people and you can do it much cheaper typically
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited May 2016
    Back in the day, I'd do it myself. (we're talking 80s).

    These days, with all the stuff tied into the various computer systems, I'm leery of adding any aftermarket gizmo to a new car (stereos, dash cams, remote starts, alarms). I had enough trouble with a dealer installed factory alarm on my '97 Outback.

    Just speakers is "probably" no biggie. ;)
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