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2004 Dodge Cummins Discussions

bluegrass1bluegrass1 Posts: 50
edited March 2014 in Dodge
Does anyone have any information on the 2004 Dodge trucks, particularly the new transmissions. Looks like Ford and Chevy have a 5 spd automatic for their new trucks where Dodge only has a 4 speed. I'm going to buy one of the three before the end of Dec/03 and need advise.


  • I'm not sure what kind of information you want.

    Yes, Dodge still sells a 4-spd auto with the Cummins, but it is a new model and is compatible with the HO and it's higher torque output. The other two offer 5-speed autos.

    The 6.0 Powerstroke was just introduced in 03 and was a pile of junk when it first came out. Supposedly, the 04's have the original problems licked, but I think it's a little early to tell.

    Cummins and Duramax are both good engines, and backed with pretty good automatic transmissions (or great six-speed manuals if you opt for them). All can be modded to produce more power than you will ever need.

    I don't know if you want 4x4 or not. If you do, stick to Dodge or Ford, since GM uses independent front suspension on their 4x4's. If you want a 4x2, then it doesn't really matter.

    Oh, and Dodge doesn't offer a real crew cab, for some odd reason.

    Hope that helps.
  • The Powerstroke can also be modded to produce insane amounts of power.

    IMO: The Cummins is the best/most proven engine of the three. The Powerstroke would have to come in second simply because it has an incredible durability/realiability record. The Duramax may be a really good engine, however it does not have the track record of the other two. When several Duramax's start showing up with over 500k miles, then this list could change.
  • I think you're thinking of the 7.3 Powerstroke. Great engine, but no longer available in a new truck.

    The replacement 6.0 Powerstroke had horrible problems with injectors leaking fuel into the oil, tubo failures, stalling, lack of power, romping idle, and oil leaks when they first came out.

    I just did some checking on,
    and it looks like the 6.0 has been fixed for 04.
  • as I am also a member. The reasons why the 6.0's aren't being modded as heavily as the 7.3 are that some will most likely wait for their warranties to expire and that performance goodies have been slow to hit the market.

    Are you a fellow 'Stroker? I agree that the '03 Stroker was not the greatest thing Ford has ever introduced, but as you said the '04 should be fine. Personally, if I could order the truck exactly the way I wanted, it would be the Superduty with the Cummins engine and ZF-6 tranny.
  • rossn2rossn2 Posts: 16
    Okay, looking for input on AMSOIL vs ROTELLA-T vs Delvac, and other synthetics. Also, what oil filter and Changes intervals...Dodge says every 3700 miles, while Cummins says 7500-15k miles.

    Have noticed alot or people recommending FLEETGUARD filters too.

    2004 2500 Quad Cab, 4x4, ho cummins, 6 spd, 3.73 rear.
  • Hey rossn2, how do u like ur new dodge. Looks like i'm going to get one like yours, only an automatic and 3.52 rear end. I have a '99 cummins now and use the Fleetguard filters bought from NAPA and use Regular Rotella oil.
  • rossn2rossn2 Posts: 16
    This is my first Dodge product. I have owned Fords since 1990 (Rangers, F150, F150 Supercrews) and wanted to move up to a diesel. I looked at the F250 with 6.0 and decided on Dodge for following reasons;1) Price 2)rebate 3) F250 6.0 problems 4) Dodge folddown rear storage area 5) Cummins reliability 6) Couldn't find a f250 6.0 in a stick 7) F250 felt like driving a boat, the Dodge will do figure 8's around the F250.

    I have 4k on it a really like it. I've had to get used to the Intake-manifold preheaters cycling on and off when it's cold out..( I've ordered the block heater cord, been on back order for 30 days), waiting for truck to come up to proper operating temp and heat the inside cabin...but other than that I really like having a stick again. I'm getting 21mpg on hwy and 18-20 in city (not towing). I'm getting a LINX spary-in-bedliner this Saturday and am looking at putting on the Bushwacker OE style Flares in a month or so. At 8k I'm going to change over to a synthetic oil, Probably AMSOIL and run the FLEETGUARD filters...maybe change rear end, transfer case and frt ball to synthetic too.
    ALready added Nerf bars, Dodge Mud Flaps, and Vent visors...
  • I read on the TDR site that a new 50 state legal HO Cummins will be available in California within the next couple of months. Those of you who already have a HO engine do they get the same mileage as the STD Cummins? Thanks Brian
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